Life as a college grad who is currently "between jobs" is especially thrilling. 

During normal business hours, you're most likely watching Twin Peaks then writing cover letters at two in the morning. Glassdoor and Linkedin are your top visited sites. You find yourself Googling things such as "resume power words" and "how to move to Spain at 22 with no real income". The phrase "I'd like to add you to my professional network" haunts your dreams. And just like when you were in college, you are still not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep!

Here are the tunes getting me through this period of adulthood stalemate...

T h e   P l a y l i s t

The Bookhouse Boys by Angelo Badalamenti ↬ for something black as midnight on a moonless night, a slice of cherry pie, lacey pretty things
You Might Be Sleeping by Jakob Ogawa + Clairo ↬ for those who love to love, fall in love
A Man and a Woman by The Mystic Moods Orchestra ↬ for groovy night dresses, sharing milkshakes at your favorite hole-in-the-wall diner
Latin'ia by The Sentinels ↬ for napping to ocean waves, playing pretend paradise, forgetting you are trapped in downtown Manhattan
Planet Junior by The Babe Rainbow ↬ for spacing out 
Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) by Allah Las ↬ for your classic summer anthem
A Faded Picture by The Seeds ↬ for open windows on a summer night, lighting a tobacco flower candle, one bottle of malbec
El 4 5 6 by Los Brito ↬ for obsessively checking plane ticket prices, planning your next getaway, remembering you're broke
Instant Calm by Washed Out ↬ for morning caffeine and traffic daydreams