Can we outlaw any form of outerwear for the next six months please? 

sweater H&M (similar) / vest SANCTUARY CLOTHING (similar) / pants ONEILL (similar) / shoes DOLCE VITA / bag C/O GIGI NEW YORK / necklace C/O WORLD MARKET

I'm that friend you secretly despise because I'm also that friend who decides to throw a tropical themed birthday party in 30 degree weather — dress code strictly enforced. Sorry for being a Pisces in New York. While scouring Crossroads (my home away from home) for ironically stylish Hawaiian print, I ended up unearthing the complete opposite: a shearling vest. Maybe if paired with a piña colada, this could work? And with a heavy dose of imagination?

Spoiler alert: the vest didn't make the birthday cut (for obvious reasons unnamed), but I did get a chance to give it a spin Friday morning. It was one of those days where there was snowfall by eleven, but sunshine by noon — an acceptable combo in my book. Because spring is on the horizon, I went for vibrant bell bottoms (black denim no more) and because it is technically still winter, I kept it cozy and knitted on top with a neutral turtleneck. 

Since I last checked in on the blog, much has happened. Turned the big 2-1 (or not so "big" when you have already spent four months in Europe where the magic number is 18), played host/offbrand NYC tour guide to high school friends, and of course, discovered the crossbody of my dreams from GiGi New York. Sleek, sophisticated, and simple is the way to go — and let's talk about that initial personalization. The Chelsea crossbody comes in ten colors; think a creamy azure perfect for spring or mustard tan for '70s flavor. I opted for the stone pebble hue for something safe and versatile. 

Next up: spring break holiday, and my chance to abandon layers and winter dressing for good. 

Photography: Areta Chen

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  1. I'm so happy you're blogging again Kelsey! I missed you posts so much.
    These photos are so beautiful :) Can't wait to see more posts! x Alona