A new take on the NYFW uniform. 

jacket VINTAGE (similar) / sweater LOU & GREY (similar) / jeans AMERICAN EAGLE / bag STREET LEVEL / hat UO (similar) / shoes C/O SKECHERS / jewelry C/O THE PEACH BOX

NYFW in February: fur coats à la The Revenant, forming a friendship with your Uber driver, and a deep longing for barefeet in the sand and tropical tunes.

While everyone else is braving the chill in four-inch heels and studs and sequins, I am going completely casual — what's new, right? Over winter break, I unearthed this denim jacket in — you guessed it — my mom's closet. The origin story: probably a '90s relic, probably seen its fair share of stories, or so I like to think anyway. What really matters is the warmth quality. Will it keep me from hitting frostbite status? 

And the verdict: add a turtleneck underneath and you'll still freeze. Well, I tried. 

My NYFW schedule this year has been relatively lax, and mostly by choice. As much I miss racing from one venue to another with a blister or two and playing the incessant waiting (or more accurately, standing) game, I wanted to take it easy this season. Organizing RSVP emails and planning outfits only seem managable on the surface. Not to mention, when it is a battle between five feet you and six feet models/bloggers/editors, we all know who reigns supreme. 

Special thanks to The Peach Box for arming me with jewelry weapons for NYFW — my personal favorites are the Floating Crystal Bangle and the Aztec Triology Ring

Photography: Areta Chen


  1. AHAHAHA omgggggg. I have to agree on all levels. Especially that 6ft tall model comment LOL. #TheStruggles <3

  2. Love how real you kept it for NYFW! I'm never a fan of the overdone fashion week crew- you're just as stylish and hopefully hella comfortable (except for the freezing part).


  3. Kelsey, this outfit is beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the shows you managed to catch, and that the winter cold is serving you well.

    Meera xx