My Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants dreams have finally been realized (but sadly, no Kostos involved)

I've traveled to nine countries and eleven cities in my semester abroad—but there's only one place I'll truly call paradise. Meet the island of Santorini, a place where postcard perfect views are aplenty, where your Tumblr dashboard becomes the reality, and where everything is, well, unforgettable. In other words: it's a destination worth many "pinch me" moments. Everything, from the sights to the cuisine, felt remarkably surreal. For once, this was a city that lived up to every movie scene, magazine page, and Instagram shot that I had carefully studied (unfortunately, I can't say the same for Rome...) Santorini, for the record, looks just as exquisite off-screen as it does on-screen.

And if you want to explore Santorini Runaway In LA-edition, here is your step-by-step guide ;)
  • Book a bed-and-breakfast in Imerovigli (and if you're lucky, end up with a terrace view)
  • Skip the bus and stroll along cobblestone pathways and pastel houses to Fira (and squeal over the many adorable stray (?) dogs and cats)
  • Enjoy a souvlaki (or two) and savor every bite because nothing in the world will compare ever again (also, fries)
  • Venture over to Oia, a charming village full of Greek blue domes and whitewashed homes; sneak up to the Caldera for a 360° view of Oia and the endless Mediterranean Sea
  • Soak up the sun at the black volcanic sand beaches (may I recommend Perissa and Kamari?)
  • For dinner, tame your hungry appetite with a Greek salad and traditional meat pie
  • Don't forget about dessert: pair bird nest's baklavah with a glass of vinsanto, a sugary-sweet Greek dessert wine 
  • But for the true happy ending... experience a Santorini sunsetalso known as the balcony to the Aegean (bonus: add a bottle of ouzo for an extra dose of heaven)
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Santorini's color palette is unrivaled in beauty—think vibrant blues, crisp whites, and the occasional pop of gold. Of course, my dream vacation uniform must match with the island vibe. For starters, a breezy, cotton romper perfectly channels that laidback essence; layer this over a floral ruffle bikini for true bliss. And since we are still in Greece, it's time to summon your inner Greek goddess; a sleek gold cuff and glossy espadrilles seals the deal. Shield your tresses with a floppy white straw hat and slip on a pair of retro-cool sunglasses for necessary people-watching. A fringe backpack adds a bohemian splash while storing your photography weapons. Last but not least, ensure that your nails are Santorini-ready with a milky blue hue. 

It's safe to say I'm already going through Santorini withdrawals.