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Yes, I know.
I've been MIA all of June, and frankly, I have no excuse to be staying up until 8AM to finish Orange Is The New Black (season two had drowning in tears and fury, OK). Also, in case no one got the memo yet: it's summer, aka prime season for blogging. Liberated from school work, untouched by work commitments, and most importantly, blessed with heavenly weather, I should be focusing on upping my blogging game. Except well... I was too busy being, you know, lazy. And what's my definition of "lazy"?

LA·ZY [adjective]: Sleeping until noon, crying tears of frustration over Lego Marvel Superheroes on XBOX, eating Korean BBQ until my pants become too tight, impulsive online shopping, wearing the same outfit 2 days straight, sometimes excercising, generally not being productive

As you can see, my initial plan to spend my precious summer weeks wisely has been slowly crumbling. While I do enjoy lavishing in all of this "me-time", I also think it is important that I make the best of my time remaining at home too (ie: get a paid job to fund my retail therapy habits). But I actually do have positive news: I recently started interning for The Style Club, an online fashion community and boutique that stocks the most irresistable clothes and accessories (ex: I've already made two orders within my first week there... oops). I also just began freelance writing for Pursebox, a Canadian handbag company, so I'm quite excited to foray into the freelancing realm for the first time. In the mean time, I'm just trying to get my tan back. Seriously. 

Well, since there's my current life update for you all, let's move onto the star of the spectacle: my June Obsessions. Here are the items I have been loving this month!

- - - 
[one] PALAZZO PANTS -  I first discovered the beauty of these gems while pulling looks for my internship at The Style Club. No one wants to be suffocated by jeans in the summer, so for those chilly evenings, Palazzo pants are the perfect option for keeping cool and warm. I love the laidback essence that these pants add to an ensemble, especialy when mixed with a fitted tee and wedges. 

[two] LACE BRALETTES - *cue the shame* I have yet to purchase a lace bralette, though they seem to be quite the rage in the Tumblr scene (and that's probably why this love affair began in the first place). Because I am Team A at Victoria's Secret, I can usually go commando on top and simply throw on a flowy tee to survive in public. However, I mostly prefer coverage and resort to wearing bandeaus, especially for low-cut dresses and muscle tees. A lace bralette will put a feminine, dainty twist on my typical bandeau routine.

[three] PASTEL NAIL POLISHES - I'm guilty as charged when it comes to slathering on pastel nail colors even in the winter season. I jut love how sleek and delicate a coat of mint polish can do, and lilac and pale blues compliment rose-gold jewelry wonderfully. RIP to my favorite bottle of OPI "Mod About You", which I tragically demolished and have since then, been too lazy to repurchase (notice a reoccuring theme here?) Bonus points because pastel colors and a sunkissed Californian tan equate to bliss.

[four] PAJAMA SHORTS - Count denim shorts as almost extinct in my wardrobe. For the past year or so, I have grown an increasing appetite for pajama shorts due to their comfort, quality, and versatility. When faced with searing heat, these shorts are the ultimate sartorial savior thanks to their refreshing chiffon material. For the beach bunnies out there, pajama shorts also transition smoothly from Malibu chic to tropical glamour. 

[five] CAGED RINGS - A few Sundays ago, I made a requisite trip to another heaven on Earth: The Melrose Trading Post. I'm telling you now, LA truly dominates the flea market arena when it comes to bargain finds and perfectly concocted mango lemonade (auf wiedersehen, New York). I always stop by my favorite jewelry vendor at the Trading Post to indulge in the paradise of $5 rings and $10 necklaces. At my most recent visit, I snagged a stunning rose-gold caged ring for only five bucks. I've never experimented with caged jewelry before, but the conclusion? It's easy to style and serves as the hybrid mix between subtle and statement jewelry. 

[six] ROMPERS - Thanks to one Disneyland adventure last summer, rompers became a pernament fixture in my fashion life. I remember perusing Riverland for an appropiate Disney ensemble and coming across a periwinkle lace romper that stole my heart within one card swipe. The rest was history. Since then, I've accumulated a few rompers that are perfect for quickly throwing on for those spontaneous summer moments (ex: picking up a pizza in person because you suddenly remembered you forgot to check "delivery"). Whether you dress it up or down, rompers are universal in the ways you can morph it to your style liking. I tend to pair mine with an oversized cardigan or leather jacket depending on the occasion. 

[seven] LAYERED NECKLACES - Confession: I despise short necklaces because they require too much effort to put on, especially if you are the typical student with a tendency to be late to an 8AM class. For a long time, I much preferred long statement necklaces that can seamlessly be worn without inviting a struggle between clumsy fingers and the miniscule clasp. However, summer so far has transformed my perception, as I now harbor a new love for short layered necklaces. When paired with the right ensemble, layered necklaces can accentuate high-cut blouses or V-neck tees while painting the whole outfit in true bohemian essence.

[eight] ANKLE STRAP HEELS - While shoe-shopping for my cousin's wedding, I happened to unearth a pair of black ankle-strap heels from ALDO that instantly coaxed me to fork over $90 bucks. I have never worn anything ankle-strap before, but seeing as it is a commoner when it comes to the stereotypical fashion blogger uniform, I knew I had to give it a try. Let's just say my obsession has now multiplied, and I'm on the search for the perfect nude pair to satisfy my shoe craving. 

[nine] BB CREAM - Thanks to my previous internship at NYLON, I have experienced the Korean luxury of BB cream. I curiously snagged this bottle of Estee Lauder DayWear BB Anti-Oxident Cream while venturing through the freebies bag one week, and decided to finally give this product a try when I returned back home for the summer. Estee Lauder is already my trusty skin 911 when it comes to foundation, so I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and long-lasting the BB cream rendition was too. The formula is light and appropiate for summer, but if you're looking for true coverage, I would just stick to your classic foundation. 

[ten] COCONUT MILK SHAMPOO - Warning: I will virtually buy anything with the name "coconut", including ice cream. I decided to pick up the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo in place of my usual Pantene combo. Lathering and rinsing has never felt so paradisiac. Next up to test: the Coconut Milk conditioner! 

[eleven] SUNNIES - I seem to have an unhealthy relationship when it comes to sunglasses. Whether it be the $10 pair from Forever 21 or a ridiculously overpriced option from an independent boutique, my eyewear seems to end up in shambles within one month. The frequent demise of my sunglasses are merely victims of my careless handbag routine (ex: tossing in full size water bottles, sharp pens, and jamming in my wallet) that crush these beauties to unwearable death. As a result, I am again on the hunt to find a new pair of retro sunnies and next time, I'll be sure to keep them safe (or I can try...)

- - -
What are your June Obsessions?


  1. Rompers! Must have!
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  2. Quanti bei capi e quante belle cose, baci Angelichic


  3. bel blog ricco di cose interessanti, baci Angelichic


  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I love the pieces you've picked, especially the layered necklaces and pyjama shorts!<3

    // xx

  5. OMG so need those palazzo pants in my life...lush! thanks for the comment babe :) xxx

  6. Great post! I'm trying not to be lazy during this summer, especially now that I'm working and such lol. I mean, as long as you enjoy your summer, that's all the matters, haha. I love the bralette! I really want to start a mini collection of them ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  7. Love your fashion obsessions, I have the same!!!
    I think you could buy a Nike running sneakers, they are great! ;)))

  8. One of the your June obsessions - the caged ring, is also something I would love to try! I have teeny fingers so it isn't always easy to find a size that fits me though!
    Enjoy summer! So what we get lazy haha life is about choices and if that's the choice you made, so be it :)

  9. Actually one of my June obsessions are palazzo pants! I really want a pair for the summer. Great post.


  10. Definitely agree about the pastel nail polishes and rompers! <3

    Oh my gosh, I started OITNB and it's drop dead hilarious. I don't know if I'll have time to marathon the entire thing, but the hype wasn't there for nothing!

    xx, Bittersweet Peppermint

  11. I'm not ashamed to say it only took me two nights to watch all of OITNB I lovelovelove it, as well as a few other shows, American Horror story being another one! I love the rings you posted :) x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestlye Blog!

  12. I am a lover of palazzo pants and white shorts!
    Thanks for sharing, following you now via GF :)

  13. I think you're absolutely entitled to a little laziness! Sometimes we need some time doing nothing to recharge. Those shorts are beautiful!

    Kate Louise Blogs

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  15. need that rompers !!

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you

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