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There is another Polar Vortex in town, and this time, it comes equipped with catchy Broadway-esque tunes, a heart-wrenching plot twist (*cough* Hans *cough), a sugary-sweet snowman, and of course, an action-packed quest for forgiveness, true love, and everything in between. This seems like the basic recipe for a Disney animated flick, correct? Except, well... this certain masterpiece is merely more than a typical "princess and prince" formula. The definition of "love" in this film basks in the glory of sisterhood, successfully thawing the classic Disney mold of (unrealistic) romances between a damsel in distress and her savior prince. 

If the countless "Let It Go" covers or heart-melting Olaf GIFs haven't conquered your hearts already (or infiltrated your dashboards), this much-raved film is Disney's latest animated creation, Frozen. With a harmoniously-blessed entourage, the cast ranges from Broadway extraordinaire Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa to Glee's very own Jesse St. James, Jonathan Groff, as Kristoff. Not to mention, Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars swaps her Upper East Side scandals and detective cases for the lovable role as Princess Anna of Arendelle. Here's to you, Kristen Bell! Lifting inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale, The Snow QueenFrozen is a delightful two-hour treat that explores the dangerously mystical powers of Queen Elsa and her younger sister Anna's journey to unearth the reality of Elsa's mysterious, sheltered soul. Olaf the Snowman offers a necessary serving of comic relief, while Prince Hans and Kristoff each find themselves tangled in Anna and Elsa's web of disputes.  

But, enough with the snooze-worthy details, right? (After all, most of you can probably quote the above details in your sleep... having seen the movie for the fourth time) As a resident Disney zealot and fashion aficionado, I could not help but admire the aesthetically stunning wardrobe department. Granted, all of the ensembles were merely paint strokes and animated pixels, but the overall look is so enchanting to the point where Frozen have left many of us wondering where we can buy a real-life version of Elsa's iconic sequined pièce de résistance (I know I did). The movie was not only visually superb, but certainly stylish with a twisted couture-quality as well. 

Presenting: The official Disney Frozen Style Guide, featuring inspired outfits from the movie and bringing 21st century to the kingdom of Arendelle. 

1 DRESS weekday | 2 BAG marni | 3 BEANIE kiss by fiona bennett | 4 JEANS adriano goldschmied | 5 SHOES freebird | 6 NAIL POLISH lots of lux by essie

"The cold never bothered me anyway."

Imagine: Queen Elsa lounging in the corner of a trendy coffee shop, Instagramming a photo of an ice-cold vanilla frappucino. Combat boots and beanies are the elixirs of her life. She religiously listens to Snow Patrol and Arctic Monkeys. This is Hipster Elsa, a modern interpretation of Arendelle's supreme enchanter. Count light-wash denim as a crucial staple and flowy, chiffon fabrics to mimic Elsa's regal gown. For accessories, the most practical choice, is of course, a chunky gray knitted beanie, perfect for veiling snow day tresses. Reigning over a kingdom is certainly no easy feat in stiletto heels; instead, opt for a pair of comfortable combat boots (bonus points: ombre) to effectively maximize contentment and power. Complete the ensemble with a silver metallic crossbody, reminiscent of ice, and glittery blue nail polish for a pop of luxury. 

1 DRESS cuchnie et ochs | 2 EARRINGS juicy couture | 3 RING judith ripka | 4 SHOES alice + olivia | 5 BAG lulu townsend

"Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know."

Imagine: Awards season. Red-carpet events. Designer gowns, followed by Louboutin teases. Picture a formal Elsa gracefully departing a chartered black townscar and onto the crushed velvet avenues of the Hollywood elite. Think Golden Globes and Oscars. What would Elsa don to such a monumental seen-and-be-seen spectacle? One answer: an asymmetrical dress, painted in delicate powder blue with a subtle design evocative of an icicle. She complements her focal point with understated yet luxurious bejewels, starting with a classic pair of silver stud earrings and a ring to match her ethereal attire. Her evening clutch and sequined pump also come in the same palette of soft grays. Joan Rivers would not even dare and attempt to fling icy comments at a dressed-to-kill Elsa. 

1 BAG forever new | 2 COAT yesstyle | 3 SHOES spy love buy | 4 TOP jane norman | 5 SKIRT msgm | 6 NAIL POLISH queen vic by butter london

"The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so I have to play!"

Imagine: Princess Anna precariously dangling an Hermès Birkin whilst awkwardly standing cross-legged. In the distance, a chiseled photographer boyfriend (read: Kristoff) captures the moment. Anna adores her snow-white Zara skort, is a slave to social media, and just so happens to curate coveted looks for her online fashion blog. Her passport boasts numerous five-star jetsets to the other kingdoms and she instinctively must snap an Instagram shot of her vegan lunch each day. Welcome to streetstyle Anna, a satorially-inclined princess of the blogosphere. Begin with the basics: A dotted black crop top and a royal blue A-line skirt. Top it off with a fuschia ruffled coat to mimic Anna's iconic cape. For shoes, streetstyle Anna swears by her black ankle boots, which sprinkles a dose of height without sacrificing style. Her trek through the wintry wonderland is not complete without a mint satchel, perfect for storing her trusty DLSR (for outfit photos in the snow, of course). 

1 SHRUG monsoon | 2 NAIL POLISH carnival by topshop | 3 DRESS rickety rack | 4 SHOES michael kors | 5 BAG tory burch 

"And I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer...

Imagine: A star-studded gala amidst sugary cocktails, jazz soundtracks, and most importantly, the A-list of the entertainment and fashion industry. Olaf, predictably, is one of the first recipients of such a premiere event. His favorite color scheme is a fusion between milk white and tangerine. Most likely to be found tanning alongside a palm-fringed beach in the Caribbean. Dominates the tropics and never passes up an opportunity to socialize and gain a new acquintance. This is glamorous Olaf, who melts hearts with the sight of a classic little white dress (bid farewell to the LBD, Coco). A matching faux-fur white shrug and dainty pumps are the acceptable companions to the LWD. A glamorous Olaf shall never forget to furnish the outfit with a necessary dollop of color. Think a burnt orange crossbody and accompanying nail polish color to formally round out the dazzling look.  

- - - 
I hope you have enjoyed my Disney Frozen Style Guide! :-) 
What is your favorite look? What are your thoughts on Frozen

Also, a piece of trivia: 
The names Hans, Kristoff, and Anna are all fragments of the name Hans Christian Andersen (Hans = Hans, CHRIS-tian = Kristoff, ANdersen = Anna). 


Yuen Lim said...

Omg, this is so beautiful! I loved how you took inspiration from Frozen - watching it right now at this very moment btw! The scenes are gorgeous - and created style inspirations from it! I'd definitely wear them all, especially 'Hipster' Elsa (:

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Elsa formal is great!

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Bian Sifredi said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment ♡ I loved this post so much! I saw Frozen not too long ago and it was lovely. Oalff's description was my favourite and I love that you made Anna a blogger.
Definitely following you back!
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Xenia Klein said...

Hi Kelsey! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! It made me smile haha! This post is great, I've never thought of doing a style guide like it but such a good idea. I still seriously need to see Frozen too!

Xenia xox


Madeleine Beyer said...

Wow love your Blog !!!

Marlen said...

most. adorable. post. EVER. and now i kinda wanna go run and see the movie- i've been waiting for it to come out on dvd but now i dont think ill be able to, haha!

xo marlen
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Nia TGG said...

I LOVE your ingenuity on this! haha this is so cute and the clothes suit their personality! fab post xx

Anna G. said...

Frozen is the cutest movie ever!!


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Shirley said...

KELSEY I LITERALLY CANNOT EXPRESS IN WORDS HOW PERFEC TTHIS POST IS (also i cried probably 50 times throughout the entire movie so thats cool).
i freaking love your posts with these style guides(''':

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Gloria Ip said...

this is super creative of you! haha i love every aspect of it [: and i really love the different sets...oh and frozen is my favourite movie right now haha! everything about the movie is perfecttt!
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Veena said...

This is such an adorable style guide - I love Frozen and this really made me smile!

♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Veena said...

This is such an adorable style guide - I love Frozen and this really made me smile!

♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

A Lei said...

This is so cute! I love Frozen! xx