Happy 2014!

Here's to another year of blogging and, of course, a necessary facelift, Photoshop/HTML style.

What I love about the new year is the fact that you truly have an excuse to start over. Perhaps you've admitted to a few faults in the past twelve months... par example: infrequent postings, lazily-written content, poor quality photos, sponsorship overdoses, unnecessary blog comparisons... I've (unfortunately) done it all. The best part is that you are encouraged to abandon all of these defects and instead focus on creating a new facade. After all, why waste thoughts on lamenting the negativities of your blogging career when it is already in the past? Time is a precious currency and you must learn to spend it wisely (though, money, on the other hand, is quite a different tale...)

Every January, I feel obligated to compose a list of "resolutions" for my blog. Though 90% of the time these seemingly fruitful ideas do not even see the light of day, I am determined to change my ill-fated resolutions into the reality.

But first: an appetizer of inspiring visuals to ring in the new year.

⎯⎯ My 2014 Blog Resolutions ⎯⎯

1. B L O G  M O R E - Enough said
2. O U T F I T  P O S T S - Concentrate on offering high-quality outfit posts (minus the awkward posing)
3. V A R I E T Y - Offer style guides/quizzes, reviews, hauls, travel diaries, and the like
4. C O M M U N I C A T E - Reach out to fellow bloggers more frequently
5. P R O F E S S I O N A L I Z E - But not without losing my touch

What are your resolutions for the new year? :-)

PS: How flawless are the Olsens? Even on Full House, they were adorable!

See you all again in my next post!