summer safari

It's here, folks!
Summer 2012 has finally dawned upon us. Of course, what better way to celebrate the realm of infinite liberation then with an exotic excursion to safari terrain? Please keep hands inside the vehicle at all times; failure to comply might perpetuate a lioness attack with an appetite for couture. Today I am donning my newborn leopard-print blouse I bequeathed at H&M on the first day of summer! (Interestingly, I also sojourned onto a shopping trip on the first day of last summer as well...) I opted for rose-gold and studded accessories to bejewel the ensemble. My nails are veiled in a coral hue, nourished by the likes of butter LONDON's Trout Pout Nail Lacquer.

As our vehicle continues its jagged jaunt into the grasslands, it happens to saunter into the sovereigning territory of Closet Fix. Behold the sights and brandish the Nikon cameras travellers, Closet Fix is a wonderful fashion blog mandated over by the stylishly-attired Simmy. Recently, I won a giveaway on her blog for a stunning Michael Kors wrap bracelet! I'm very grateful to have donned one of Simmy's trendy trinkets for my safari venture. 

Thank-you Simmy for my Michael Kors wrap bracelet!

I'd also like to announce the beginning to a new and rejunvated version of Runaway In LA! I hope the posh pamperings and primping from Blogger's exclusive blog spa has furnished her well. Expect a reperatory of more blog posts and exciting new projects to be launched in the coming weeks. 
Watch your step as you depart our vehicle and I hope you have enjoyed your adventure today!

Still craving for another safari? 
Reservations are now open to visit Closet Fix!



atelier indigo debut

Cue the coterie of paparazzi. Gaze into the starlit flares.

The debut June 2012 issue of
Atelier Indigo Magazine!

I am proud to announce the launch of my first online fashion magazine, Atelier Indigo. Months ago, concocting up a fashion magazine was merely a wistful daydream. Now, I imagine it it as sauntering into the steps of reality (and the fact that I can now christen myself with the terminology of "editor-in-chief" is too good to be true). I am excited to share with all of you our first launch and hope you enjoy perusing our issue. This issue's theme focuses on the wonderland of fairytales and dreams, so be prepared to don bejeweled tiaras and shed those glass slippers for some euphoric comfort.

If you have enjoyed Atelier Indigo, please lend us your inner-Fairy Godmother and share our magazine with your family and friends!
We thank-you all for your magical dose of pixie dust.
(Expect a white-glove ball invitation to arrive at the doorstep of your baroque castle...)

Also, a little piece of calligraphic prose: School ends on June 15th! Once final exams and projects have been (successully or unsuccessfully) conquered, Runaway In LA will be undergoing a revamp à la the blog spa. Ensue the makeover.

What are your opinions on our first issue of Atelier Indigo?