daisy child

I still cannot believe that there is less than one month of school left.
Even though AP exams have been vanquished and the SAT Subject Tests conquered, a daunting menagerie of chaos still awaits me. However, at this very moment, this sleepless dreamer (who once braved the midnight masquerade as a result of procastination) is simply glad once again seek a slice of solace in the fashion blogging realm.

Shall we virtually procure our Proenza Schouler travel satchels and sojourn back in time? A few weeks ago, I won a Gypsy Junkies Mimi Daisy Tunic from their Twitter giveaway! The blend of nostalgic bell sleeves and a decadent cream bodice fuses together to produce a style conjuration reminiscent of a bohemian California goddess (and of course, with kiss of seventies essence). 

What's this summer's lethal wardrobe weapon, you inquire? The aesthetic beauty born from pairing mint hues and cream colors. My recent nights have been indulged by stealthy online retail therapy, attempting to consume a few more pastel colors to incooperate for a summer transition. 

The time has dawned to flee (reluctantly) back to an empire of final exams, SATs and GPA grooming. 
A bouqet of upcoming blog posts and the launch of Atelier Indigo, my online fashion magazine, will be arriving soon! 

Thank-you to Gyspy Junkies for my lovely tunic!
Interested in obtaining your own Mimi Daisy Tunic? 

Hope you have enjoyed this post!
Until next time . . .