a dreamy solace

JITROIS jacket, Theory tank, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Jeffrey Campbell loafers, Balenciaga bag, Forever 21 bangle, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Blue Satin

As much as I harbor an atrocious hatred for anything mathematically-related, I have actually dawned upon a simple equation that I deem understandable. Time to joust those sequined-studded caculators.

One issue of Teen Vogue + one wonderously stunning Elle Fanning = Inspiration

Yes, you've heard me correctly.
The fusion of a fashion bon vivant's leviathan and a young style connoiseur have swapped marriage vows, slumbered in Bali honeymoons, and brewed a starry-eyed offspring. And of course, the sovereigning duo's "baby shower" comes veiled in the form of a Teen Vogue February issue, featuring Elle Fanning!

Honestly, when it comes to a brawl of the belles between Dakota and Elle Fanning, Elle reigns in victorious elegance. Able to daintily blow out thirteen candles, Elle already posesses a bouqet of style at a young age. It's refreshing to see Miss Fanning trade microskirts for a decadent dessert of Marc Jacobs and not to mention, she's quite the silverscreen starlett!

Since Elle has cultivated a spark of style euphoria in me, my mood board today showcases a sliver of my monthly "obsessions":
Layered jackets, studs, creamy ruffles, geometric prints, and satin textures

Perhaps I'll be able to channel my inner-Elle when finals have been properly executed, tastefully done off in Marie Antionette manner by the guillotine. Lookbook posts shall resume!

Thanks for reading everyone! :)



jungle cruise

Lola leopard cardigan, Elizabeth & James tee, Teen Vogue bag, Bakers boots, H&M necklace & bracelet

"Dreams are neccessary to life."  
- Anais Nin

To ring in a melodious new year, I greet you all with a medley of test shots, the recent offsprings of my new camera! Sadly, no rose-hued Dior baby bottles bask in sight (by the way, these little decadent gems do indeed exist... they just happen to be sunbathing on the exotic island of this item is no longer available online).

Naturally, the first task of my weekend has me equipped with my couture candy Canon, braving into the realm of eagle-eying neighbors and gardeners, determined to consume the appetizing flash of the camera and devour a cauldron of attempted modelesque stances. With my mom appointed the sole duty of photographer, I was able to brew my first official outfit post of 2012!

Of course, with the silverscreen birth of a cherished ensemble of mine, comes the accompanying renovation of the wonderland. Meet the new blog layout, an euphoric confection lacquered in a longtime fancy of fantasy and vintage. Look at what a dainty little jaunt to the spa can do!
And if your heart still slumbers on catwalks of Chanel and runways of Rodarte, you can satisfy your lustings for leopard print with a pair of leopard-splashed pumps or even a cozy leopard pull-over!

Also, a sequined shout-out and thank-you to Alexa of A Life in the Fashion Lane for the Elizabeth & James tee! Make sure to drop by her blog and check her out as well!

Hope you have enjoyed my first outfit post of the year, thanks for reading!
What are you looking forward to in the new year? 



New Year + Christmas Haul 2011

OPI "Steady As She Rose" (Pirates of the Caribbean collection!) and butter LONDON "Fash Pack"

EOS Lip Balms in "Passion Fruit" & "Strawberry Sorbet" and MAC "Haute & Naughty" Mascara

H&M ring & necklace and Lola leopard cardigan

H&M closet delicacies

Two new H&M scarves!

Another Urban Outfitters tribal masterpiece

Happy New Year!

Hello Parisian stargazers and lovely readers,

I hope that the all of you indulged in a blissful cauldron of rapture over the holidays,
A glazed ham lacquered in honey and a flute of eggnog equips me well on Christmas evening!
And alas, I extend a satin-sleek invitation for you to bequeath a glimpse of a few presents that slumbered daintily under my tree this year, along with a coterie of accoutrements I managed to conquer while braving the Boxing Day crusade. Hooray!

However, perhaps the most grandeur belle of the ball belongs to a certin camera countess...

My new Canon Rebel T2i!

Adieu to the realm of subpar quality snapshots. 
This new year coaxes up a ritzy rendezvous of au courant lookbook posts from yours truly, along with an amalgam of covertly-dreamt projects and posts.

As the crucial junior year of my high school career is born from a womb of intellectual colloqy and chaotic stress, I dutifully pledge to waltz well with the bachelors of SAT and GPA scores, while still brewing a hearty appetite for gourmet blogging.

Also, New Year's Resolutions? À la Heidi Klum/Project Runway, Auf Wiedersehen.
 I never end up sticking to them.

Time to RVSP for 2012.