How To Wear Spring Pastels

The Girl: fashion editor of a high-street magazine / The Location: St. Maarten, Caribbean

Time for a tropical ensemble swap. Gray pantsuits have committed the switch-a-roo with the candy-sweet hues of spring. Personally, one can never go wrong when equipped with a coral pink chiffon blouse; after all, it harbors that perfected sheerness that seems to illuminate under paradisical sunlight. White denim paints sleek shades of minimalism while a pastel-kissed tote bag is essential for hauling corporate delights and yes, coconut-scented sunscreen. But, one must not dwell too lavishly in bliss and forget to strap on a pair of palm-tree slingbacks.

 The Girl: university student with an adoration for smoothies / The Location: Kaui Island, Hawaii

When the wonderland of spring commences, the fear for the congerie of leather jackets escalates into chaotic worry. After all, what use does a luxurious slather of faux-leather possess during sunny afternoons? Quite an utilization, actuaully. Coveting for a season transition piece? Pair a camel-hued leather jacket with infusions of pastel corals. Lacquer bronzed gams in peach denim shorts and sand-smooched feet in shell leather sandals. Toast to the diva days of the toddler era with a bib-style necklace.

The Girl: aspiring runway model slash fashion blogger / The Location: London, United Kingdom

Welcome, couture jesters and style sirens, to the opulent Denim Bar. Everyone's cherished pair of beloved skinny jeans are now offered in a menu of pyschedelic selections... perhaps you'll like to order a springtime classic, the red denim jeans? Saunter in Euro-model essence with an oversized silk cream shirt and channel seventies flair with chunky, wooden platforms. Annihilate the mint macaron and replace with a mint crossbody bag (less calories, equally as indulgent). Cosplay as a tastefully-attired sovereign with a ruby-red ring.

The Girl: surfer by day, novelist by night / The Location: Santa Monica, California

The Wild West has yet to witness a trendy conquistador patrolling its deserts. While the coteries of cowgirls have been banished into infinity, a sheer mint singlet top dominates spring season. Alas, there is quite nothing like a pair of light-denim shorts, perfected in fades and rips. Accessorizing should be confined to the edgy realm of spiked necklaces and pyramid studded bracelets. Bid aideu to the systematic leather boots and embrace greetings with ankle cut-out boots. Lastly, tame tresses with a straw fedora to capture the border spirit.

I hope you all have enjoyed my take on how to effectively vanquish the kaleidoscopic trend of pastels!
Which outfit is your favorite?



Alona said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! <3
Your style is remarkble, and so is your writing :)
I can't even pick a favorite outfit!
I love them all so much!!!
Great post ;)

the funky fashionista said...

I love all of the styling you did with these outfits! Everyone of them is just amazing and your writing is impeccable! You sound like you could be writing for Teen Vogue.

Great post! You just got me so excited to wear some pastels. Now I need to go shopping. . .



Ms.Fashionista said...

SO gorg! I absolutely love love love pastels. Very feminine but still elegant. I can't even pick which one of these outfits are my fave-i love all of them!



Laura said...

Such gorgeous pastels, I love all of the looks! Great finds! x
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Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

I LOVE ALL OF THE LOOKS!!! so pretty for spring :)
fabulous job putting them together!


sys said...

I love this post! Your mood boards are so pretty! Love it! :)


Laura said...

I love all of these looks! I'm in loveeee with pastels!

xoxo, Laura

Laura said...

Wow you really did a great job putting all these fabulous outfits together! It all looks so fresh and puts me into a great mood right away! Love this post, it's very inspiring. And keep going, your blog is awesome! Feel free to check out mine ;) xo from New York City

Sandra said...

Great outfit combinations! They are all so dreamy and perfect for Spring. Thanks for sharing!

Fashionopolis said...

This is a great post. I love how you have shown different ways of styling pastel.
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Alexis said...

Stunning post! I am especially enamored with the "frontier dreams" outfit. That top and that necklace are to die for!


Cathy said...

Love that third one. I never would have expected the mint bag, but now thinking about it, it looks so perfect with the red and the cream colors. Oh hey, there's mint in like every outfit. I seriously can't wait to go shopping for mint clothing pieces this spring and summer. But ekk, AP tests are getting sooo close now. Good luck on yours too!

And thanks for your super sweet comment! (:



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Congrats on making the Links a la Mode!

Have a nice weekend, Jenny


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Lilli said...

Hello Kelsey!:) Thanks a lot for stopping by!:) I agree with u, pastel colors are so beautiful and I also love spring for this reason!^^ And thats why I love this post from u! What a beautiful choise of outfits, I love them all!! Especially the second one with the coral tank!:) I'm a new follower as well, so lovely blog!:) Kisses! xoxo

Meg Mig said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog! & Thank you for following! I'm so happy to have checked out your blog! All your picks are spot on, adorable and praise-worthy! I will be following as well! The pastels are one of my favorite colors to rock! Lovely feature! xo, Megs


Adelina Alexander said...

these are all lovely!!! Love your blog! I follow you now! Would you like to follow me back?

Jazzy Belle said...

Such amazing collages! Love it,
curious how you made them??
Loved the colours that you used

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The Melting Pot - by Laura said...

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Angelica N. said...

Oh gosh, this is really honestly killing me. I love all of them. So feminine! Pastels are my life. You've hit my personal style to a T!


April Cheung said...

omg. i love the cream blouse, the mint bag, the mint singlet, and those ankle boots! these are great outfits! and I just love the floral backgrounds you have in each one. I would totally wear the third and fourth outfits. im just really drawn to mint and pastels right now.


when BABI speaks said...

I love the mint green stuffs! they're all pretty!


FashionGeek said...

im obsessed with pastel colors!
can i say i fell in love with the first look! i love it!
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Nikki said...

I just adore pastels so much! Great post! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for following, following your lovely blog now as well:) Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

Golden Cheer Grahams said...

Definitely LOVE your blog !
The looks you're proposing are gorgeous !
It inspire me a lot !

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Noora said...

This post was amazing! I loved all those looks! <3

Greetings from Finland,

loveherb said...

nice pastels)

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Jessica said...

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Abbie said...

Great post, I love the Frontier dreams look. I am your newest follower!! xx


Eccentric Connoisseur said...

I loved this post sooo much
The images and colors are soo fresh and eye friendly:)

Stefania B. said...

love all the combination you created.

Katie Martin said...

My favorite is the last one :)

Tasnim Hassan said...

such amazing outfits, wow!

following, cus it's a great blog!


TheTinyHeart said...

These outfits are so cute! You've given me lots of inspiration for wearing pastels! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Following you back now, Kelsey :)

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erica marie said...

I love the 3rd set! This is something I can totally see myself wearing.

xo erica

Mia's Little Corner said...

Love this post! Great inspiration!:D


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Silvia said...

beautiful looks!

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Amazing post!!
My favourite is the first picture!!
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Laurice @ Fashion Fit Out said...

Those pastels seems to be very tasteful and delicious unto the eyes. You have also a great topic that every woman should read. Nice writing and great inspirations!

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Jessica Allen-Summers said...

I love this! my favourite is definitely 'frontier dreams' and I'm really loving the pastel trend, I just wish it would get warm enough here in the UK to actually wear anything s/s!!



Chelsea said...

My favourite is the "Frontier Dreams" outfit! So cute! I especially love those ankle boots and mint green blouse!