desert spirit

Introducing, the christening of spring break's paraphernalia: Fringe, crochet, lace, acid-wash denim, sheer textures, maxi skirts
In case you have not been plagued by the euphoric Tweets, Facebook statuses or Tumblr updates of a certain music and art pantheon, Coachella is an annual festival that attracts free-spirited wanderers with a profound adoration for the realm of music. Proudly claiming the endless opulence of Southern California's Coachella Valley as its scenic backdrop, this anticipated festival not only fuses a conglomeration of aesthetic-mused darlings, but also is the home to a desert of style.

This a valley where soundtrack duchesses stage-hop from a performance of the the Black Keys to a showcase from Radiohead, donning daisy-crowns above their tresses and gliding in diaphanous dresses.
And, it is Coachella's coterie of festival clientele that draws in a healthy inspiration for spring's trends. 
(After all, April beckons for a little impromptu spring cleaning! Time to swap that cream wool jumper for a crochet tank!) Check out my "mock-Cochella" ensemble below! To be honest, I wouldn't attend Coachella for the music... I'd rather much consume the post-festival photos for the style aspect!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!
(PS: Exciting news! I might host a giveaway once I hit 300+ followers and.... *cue Hans Zimmer music* I will be buying my own ".com" domain once I hit 300+ followers as well! Thank-you all very much for keep me dedicated to my blog!)

Are you dreaming of attending Coachella? What do you think about the festival?


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Tootsie Jean said...

denim shorts is a must have :D lace is always wonderful. Thank you for sharing good trends. love your blog. I am a new follower


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Joana said...

First of all, thanks a million for the sweetest comment ever. I loved reading what you said (yeah, I guess we all love compliments ahah). I'm glad you became a follower, I will be following you back because I love what you're doing here :)

Gorgeous inspirational pictures you chose. I need to do a post with my current inspiration very soon!

xo Joana

Lilli said...

Oh this style is just cool! Great images dear!

la vie quotidienne said...

Thanks my dear for your sweet comment in my BLOG.

I follow in BLOGLOVIN and GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT, i'm waiting you =)

I love this spirit...is awesome...like so much the DRESS and sandals, good choice.

Have a nice weekend.


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Crosswire Dreamers said...

Love this post, Wildfox is amazing and I love all their lookbooks xx

Paper Moon said...

gosh. i love these campaign images. kinda wish i was in their gang hehe xx

Ms.Fashionista said...

Wilfox is legit one of the best companies ever. It's sort of pricey but I LOVE everything they offer! This shoot is a knockout. All the white is so feminine and lovely.

Congrats about buying your own domain also babe!



Ms.Fashionista said...

Oh and P.S. Replying to your comment on my blog, I have a love/hate relationship w/ Atlanta! I went to buy a fruit smoothie and a mag and almost missed my flight. I blame the goodness of the smoothie hehe!



Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

WILDFOX's ad campaign is AAAMAZING. such gorgeous gals! the first photo is my FAVE!!
and I love your look that you put together!! I definitely would wear EVERYTHING!!


Laura said...

I looooove Wildfox Culture's latest campaign! OMG YES!! I really want to go to Coachella if I ever get the money to go! I love the items you picked! Those Topshop shorts are simply just amazing! And I also looove that tunic! Great picks sweetheart! :D

xoxo, Laura

Jessille said...

very inspiring....desert spirit!!!
my fav is the mango bag
love ur blog
btw lets follow each other if u like

Jessille said...

very inspiring....desert spirit!!!
my fav is the mango bag
love ur blog
btw lets follow each other if u like

Martha said...

Great post! That dress is perfection!
Oh man the Coachella line up looked incredible! Like incredible incredible Snoop dog and the Black keys? I am so dreaming of Coachella it would be a welcome break from the rainy, muddy, cold festivals we have over here!

Alyssa Nicole said...

Gosh, everytime I see or hear Coachella a little tear falls down my cheek...such a shame. Anyways! This is a lovely post and the pics are gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!


A said...

Ahh Coachella.....
Maybe I'll make it there someday! :)

Congratulations on all your followers Kelsey! You're so close to 300....almost there!
I fully believe that you deserve way more than 300 followers. You are the kindest and sweetest person ever as well as a remarkable blogger. I can't wait to continue to see your blog grow and develop as well as gain the attention that it truly deserves!
Eeep you're getting your own domain? So cool!!


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Beautiful pictures!
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ItsLo said...

So inspiring post!
You have a lovely blog:)


Elly said...

I love how you've styled the Coachella look! It makes me want to go even more!


MessyDirtyHair said...

I love the boho hippie chic look! It's my fav! Super cute blog, new follower!

Xx Kelly

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Buzz said...

Love it!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

So so sooooo beautiful!

KarenMgc said...

The second picture is awsome!

Joyce said...

So pretty, I love all the lace and fringe :)

Brooklyn Grace said...

cool post


when BABI speaks said...

that's pretty cool! i love the shorts! the combination of denim and crochet really rocks! love it!
new follower here!


jas said...

great inspiration!


Sara said...

I did one post with this pictures too!! I love it!!