rachel zoe fall 2012

Welcome to New York Fashion Week.
A time of accoutrement galore has dawned upon Manhattan's jungle of catwalks and couture. Celebrity moguls and legendary editors pose daintily, tucked in their first row alcove, and veiled by a heaven of Christian Dior eyewear. Bronzed and slender gams are painted in the cross-legged art of formality. Sleek runways morphs into the parade grounds for the legion of models, whose eyes waltz in vacancy and lips purse in neutrality.

"So mah-jor, right?" 
Rachel Zoe's Fall 2012 collection debuted during New York Fashion Week 2012 and became the voguish mode of transportation for a tantalized audience. And, where shall this runway collection jetset its exquisitely-donned guests? The masterpieces that consumed the style-thirsty mouths of the attendees evolves from an ecletic mix of 1960s rocker rebellion and glamour glitz. Imagine a hybrid of edgy London street garb and sequined paraphernalia.
Faux-fur coats, oversized knits, leathered jackets, filmed frocks of glitter, and dainty blouses perfectly brew together to conjure what Rachel Zoe coins, a "rock-star girlfriend" look. The collection's matte kaleidoscope is lacquered of creams, blacks, and light olive hues while the closed-toe choice of shoewear allows the ensemble to seize the hearts of its style captors.

Not to mention, the famed Empire Hotel was the renowned backdrop for the runway show, much to euphoric desires of Gossip Girl aficionados. Shall we toast to Chuck and Blair, anyone? (Or perhaps you're a vehement devotee of Dair? Hey, I do think Blair and Dan are perfect for each other in a way)

I hope everyone has enjoyed a decadent dose of the globe's legion of Fashion Weeks! Whether it may be New York City or Milan, there is no doubt that we all harbor musings of portraying a Fashion Week attendee (first row, si vous plaƮt) in a silverscreen called our dreams.



Fatima said...

Beautifully written blogpost, it really captures the essence of the gorgeous Rachel Zoe fall collection. :)

I adore your blog, you write so beautifully. <3


Cathy said...

Love this collection and all the neutral creams, blacks, and olive colors.
And I must agree; you always write so beautifully. Very jealous! (:

VLM. said...

Your blog is so amazing, you have such a command for writing and I absolutely LOVE it! Hahaha, I've been re-reading some of your old posts too :) Great roundup, I'm glad Rachel Zoe decided to expand her career to include design too! <3 http://seven-inch-stilettos.blogspot.com

Laura said...

I really love this collection!

xoxo, Laura

the funky fashionista said...

You are a very good writer! You speak so eloquently as if you have been writing at Vogue for years.

I really like Rachel Zoe's new collection, especially all of the sequin dresses! Sparkles, sequins, and anything glittery is my weakness! My favorite look would have to the gold sequined mini dress with the white faux fur coat. So GLAM!


candyvioleta said...

her collection looks superbly crafted!!
and yes a toast to Chuck +Blair!
Count me as your new follower!!

hope you do the same!


candyvioleta said...

her collection looks superbly crafted!!
and yes a toast to Chuck +Blair!
Count me as your new follower!!

hope you do the same!


Eccentric Connoisseur said...

I am a huge fan of nudes and whites. I love this post:)

Kristen Lam said...

I feel like everything that Rachel Zoe designs, she'd wear herself, and considering her amazing style, everything just works!


The Chic Sheet said...

This collection was pretty rad ;)


Fabrizia said...

I like this post so much!!! This collection is really wonderful!!!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

I love the chic white pants! I always have a thing for black and white. :)


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

PS. I'm your newest follower!


Francesca Giusti said...

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

the funky fashionista said...

I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Your blog is amazing and you definitely deserve it! Congrats, girl!


Elly said...

I love Rachel Zoe! All the looks are stunning!


Leonor said...

I like her collection very much! but it's Rachel Zoe what else could we expect from her :p
and answering your question, I would have the worse time chosing what to wear! ahaha

Daria said...

Loved her collection, that first look is beyond gorgeous

Daria, the Fashionsurfer

Meera said...

Oh gosh, your blog is just too amazing! I am loving this collection-it combines wearable city chic for days with glamourous ensembles for nights. And yes, I also think Blair and Dan could be amazing together. :)


Laura said...

Love those sequin shorts, they're gorgeous and so sparkly! Really like the fur gillet aswell. Wish I went to London fashion week so bad, great post on nyfw.

And thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it! xx


Marianna said...

hi!!! that was the SWEETEST comment ever! thank you so muxh for that!!! and also thanks so much for following! you blog is great! ( i like so much the leopard title xoxo) especially this post is quite professional and i'm sure that if you really want it you'll become a great fashion journalist in some years!!! i follow you too now! hope we will talk again soon! many kisses from greece
xxx sharingthepointofview.blogspot.com

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


Laura said...

Gorgeous collection and I love your picks :) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

Laura xo

fashion inspirations said...

this is a greattt collection would you like to follow each other?

Souda said...

You have a way with words my friend. Beautiful writing! I've been sold in one post, i'm your newest follower!

The first three looks are absolutely fierce.
The next three are...meh.
Then it just goes downhill from there.
But I do know one thing, this collection is making me wanna start flat ironing my hair again lol.


fashion inspirations said...

following you ! and i honestly love rachel zoe!
shes an amazing designer!!

FashionStarvedTeen said...

such a great collection!

Make sure you enter my contest to win a pair of CHLOE SUNGLASSES!! Xx

Ms.Fashionista said...

I love the last set of photos. The white is stunning.



beautyfashionbyme said...

followed! you!
follow back and enter in my giveaway

Style Diaries said...

love her collection,

Style Dairies

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

hi, kelsey! love this collection. everything is so classy and effortlessly chic. :) hope you are having a great wknd


Aimee said...

Beautiful collection! Thanks for the lovely comment too :) xx

jamie said...

hiii cutie! ohhhh when it comes to rachel zoe i just really loose it! she's my ultimate fave! and i appreciate the follow, love! i have been a follower of your blog for some time now :) i hope that we keep in touch, girl!

happy week!
love, jamie

Fashion Insanity said...

Great post!! Love what you did with the rachel zoe + your wardrobe collage! Beautiful

Wedekind said...

Can’t describe how much I adore Rachel’s Style. top top top!

Love Vienna Wedekind

Ana Costa e Silva said...

great choices...


Clara Turbay said...

love it. i´ll be back soon!

niki said...

this is such a cool concept! thanks for following my blog by the way :)
~niki <3