New Year + Christmas Haul 2011

OPI "Steady As She Rose" (Pirates of the Caribbean collection!) and butter LONDON "Fash Pack"

EOS Lip Balms in "Passion Fruit" & "Strawberry Sorbet" and MAC "Haute & Naughty" Mascara

H&M ring & necklace and Lola leopard cardigan

H&M closet delicacies

Two new H&M scarves!

Another Urban Outfitters tribal masterpiece

Happy New Year!

Hello Parisian stargazers and lovely readers,

I hope that the all of you indulged in a blissful cauldron of rapture over the holidays,
A glazed ham lacquered in honey and a flute of eggnog equips me well on Christmas evening!
And alas, I extend a satin-sleek invitation for you to bequeath a glimpse of a few presents that slumbered daintily under my tree this year, along with a coterie of accoutrements I managed to conquer while braving the Boxing Day crusade. Hooray!

However, perhaps the most grandeur belle of the ball belongs to a certin camera countess...

My new Canon Rebel T2i!

Adieu to the realm of subpar quality snapshots. 
This new year coaxes up a ritzy rendezvous of au courant lookbook posts from yours truly, along with an amalgam of covertly-dreamt projects and posts.

As the crucial junior year of my high school career is born from a womb of intellectual colloqy and chaotic stress, I dutifully pledge to waltz well with the bachelors of SAT and GPA scores, while still brewing a hearty appetite for gourmet blogging.

Also, New Year's Resolutions? À la Heidi Klum/Project Runway, Auf Wiedersehen.
 I never end up sticking to them.

Time to RVSP for 2012.




Style-Delights said...

Love the leopard cardi!!
BTW, thanks for following, I am your new follower:-)
Happy Blogging!

Cathy said...

Thanks for your comment. Hahaa, I agree, it's tough being short, with minimal advantages. Great Christmas haul, looks like you picked up a lot of wonderful things. Can't wait to see a possible outfit post on some of them, and as always, your writing is impeccable! (:

Stephanie Lin said...

Looks like you had a fantastic holiday, you lucky girl! I love the sweater you got from Urban Outfitters!

Nicole said...

Ohhh I LOVE all of the things you received for Christmas! They are all so cute! You got stuff that are useful, aha! :) Love the EOS lip balms! I got one for x-mas too :-)

Happy New year, best of luck :-)



Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

daaang quite the haul!! I'm so excited for the upcoming year for you!!! aaah I need to go shop...and I NEED to get a DSLR!


Karlita said...

Happy new year!! great gifts! I am jealous! (in a good way of course)

Cassidy Lee said...

Great haul! Seems you've had a great holiday, I especially love all of the H&M stuff!

Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I definitely agree about Joseph :) Haha. I love your blog and am your newest follower!

What awesome presents! I'm definitely jealous! Not about the SAT though...nothing better than spending a Saturday waking up early and taking a test...

On a more positive note: Happy New Year! :)


Monse Fuentes said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Amazing stuff, i love the nailpolishes

i invite you to enter in my giveaway, you can win an amazing tee HERE


VLM. said...

As always, I loved reading this! <3 Absolutely love all your H&M goodies, I think I've taken a real liking to that store over the past few months! Glad to hear you had a wonderful x'mas and boxing day, and here's to a fab 2012! xoxo, Veena


Deniz said...

Hi! happy days!:) Loves from Turkey!:)


Michelle said...

I've been looking for that same Lip balm - I don't think it's in South Africa yet :(
I loooove your leopard cardigan!
And I adore your Urban Outfitters tribal piece - looove love love it!
Happy new year - hope it is a lovely one for you :)

Jade Briony said...

Wow you got some really nice presents :)
Thanks for the wonderful comment and thankyou for the link :)


Pop Champagne said...

the lepord print cardigan is so pretty!you got some really cool stuff esp the camera! hope you have a great 2012 and happy new year!

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy New Year! You received some great gifts this year and I especially love the 2 scarves you bought from H&M. Thank you so much for following my blog...I am excited to read your next post :)

Poppy said...

especialy love the urban outfitters top and that camera xx

GvN said...

Thank you for your genuine and caring comment on my blog!
I love the nail polishes!!!

Hope you ahd a wonderful new year's start!

Loads of Love!

Rachel Danielle W said...

love the leopard print cardi!!! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! am following you!


Lidiya said...

All of your items are gorgeous, I adore the leopard cardigan and H&M ring <3

jas said...

lovely pieces!


lapetiteblonde said...

super nice things dear!!
love the last t-shirt!amazing=)
kisses pretty and happy new year!!

Ms.Fashionista said...

I got EOS lip balm too! Fab color for the Butter nail polish.



LauraMck said...

Great Post!!! I want to get that EOS lip balm set xx

The Teenagers said...

ahh im jealous! great post! love the nail polishes and all the clothes!


Chelsea said...

Wow I love the Butter nail polish!


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