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Lola leopard cardigan, Elizabeth & James tee, Teen Vogue bag, Bakers boots, H&M necklace & bracelet

"Dreams are neccessary to life."  
- Anais Nin

To ring in a melodious new year, I greet you all with a medley of test shots, the recent offsprings of my new camera! Sadly, no rose-hued Dior baby bottles bask in sight (by the way, these little decadent gems do indeed exist... they just happen to be sunbathing on the exotic island of this item is no longer available online).

Naturally, the first task of my weekend has me equipped with my couture candy Canon, braving into the realm of eagle-eying neighbors and gardeners, determined to consume the appetizing flash of the camera and devour a cauldron of attempted modelesque stances. With my mom appointed the sole duty of photographer, I was able to brew my first official outfit post of 2012!

Of course, with the silverscreen birth of a cherished ensemble of mine, comes the accompanying renovation of the wonderland. Meet the new blog layout, an euphoric confection lacquered in a longtime fancy of fantasy and vintage. Look at what a dainty little jaunt to the spa can do!
And if your heart still slumbers on catwalks of Chanel and runways of Rodarte, you can satisfy your lustings for leopard print with a pair of leopard-splashed pumps or even a cozy leopard pull-over!

Also, a sequined shout-out and thank-you to Alexa of A Life in the Fashion Lane for the Elizabeth & James tee! Make sure to drop by her blog and check her out as well!

Hope you have enjoyed my first outfit post of the year, thanks for reading!
What are you looking forward to in the new year? 



Francesca said...

Happy New Year! great blog such inspiration xx


Mallory In New York said...

So cute! I love the leopard and TV bag. :)


Laura said...

I really love this outfit! I think you're so pretty. I haven't visited your blog in quite a while and I don't really know why because I love it so much! ♥ Definitely will see me more on your blog from now on :)

xoxo, Laura

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

love your new blog look! and absolutely love the leopard print on you!! so pretty with your crossbody bag!


Meera said...

These shots are fantastic! I absolutely love your cardigan, you look amazing. <3


Clara Turbay said...

love it! good ideas a much fun!


Ms.Fashionista said...

You look SO fab! Love how you paired that leopard cardigan with the shirt.



Demmy said...

Happy new year i love the sweater

Angie said...

Lovely blog dear..!!!Following u..:)follow me back?

Kisses from greece




Nicole said...

OMG, your outfit is GORGEOUS! Your camera takes very great photos, what photo editor do you use? It's amazing!!! Tweet me :)

Your makeover of your blog if fabulous I must say. Hope your SAT's went well!


-N :)

Joyce said...

These pictures are great and I love your leopard print cardigan! ooo and you new banner looks super cool.

Lacey said...

I love your leopard cardigan!! So cute and those shots are beautiful, your new camera is great!

Lacey xoxo

Jackie said...

Love your cardi and and bag! Very cute!

Lindsay LeBoyer said...

i love your leopard cardigan! perfect pop of color from your blue bag :)


Lidiya said...

Your cardigan is gorgeous, I absolutely love leopard print. And the bag is stunning, such a vibrant colour <3

Rosalia said...

What a cute outfit! I love your leopard print sweater! Happy New Year! I am now following!

I am having my first ever giveaway on my blog! Check it out when you have a moment!

xoxo Rosalia

Natalie Leung said...

so cute! love your cardigan :)
hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Love the cardigan and that blue bag!! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)


Marta said...

LOVE this outfit! leopard blazer is just so nice.


Feelgoodlookcute said...

I really love your cardigan!
Thanks for your comment in my blog.
You will love Barcelona too ; ) It's such a beautiful city!

erica marie said...

I love your first outfit post for the new year. So sweet that your mom is your photographer...lucky girl :) Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours because it's pretty awesome. New follower here :) Hope the rest of the week treats you well.

xo erica

Demmy said...

OMG! I love your outfit. That jacket is hot. Just found your blog and I'm following it.

VLM. said...

What an amazing look, Kelsey! I absolutely adore your writing style, and I love how your Twitter, Tumblr and Blog all have some aspect of leopard print, it's so signature to you! You look so gorgeous too, dear <3

Fashion and Mie said...

I love your jacket!

Would you like to follow each other?


I'm Just Me said...

love the cardigan & bag!! cute look!!!
thnx for stopping by & leaving me a comment
http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

Rachel said...

Hi Kelsey! Thank you for your lovely comment <3 I love your look! I'm not usually a fan of leopard. I only like it in certain looks, and you certainly made it cute and chic!

Femke. said...

Love your cardigan! :)

XOXF. - www.myfashion-expression.blogspot.com

Nesrine said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, of course I'd like to stay in contact with you.
Love your cute green bag ! :) And you're quite good at speaking French !
I hope we can talk on Twitter.

Kisses from France,

The Teenagers said...

these photos are amazing! i love everything about this outfit, and the cardigan is so cute!

these shots are beautiful!


SABINNA and DAVID said...

these are super sweet!

xx, Sabinna and David

beryl said...

i love your leopard print cardigan!

xx, thefashionenthusiast1.blogspot.com

Bee said...
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Bee said...

I love your blog! I'm following, please follow me too. And I <3 The leopard print cardigan.


Live life glamorous said...

Really like your cardigan!

Carissa said...

I'm in love with your little bag ;)


TheTinyHeart said...

What an adorable cardigan...love me some leopard!


Cylia said...

I'm glad to hear you are an alice in wonderland fan aswell:)! I'm liking your outfit! so cute and comfy. have a great weekend!

Jade Briony said...

thanks for the comment! i did have a lovely birthday thankyou. yes the shopping is great here! (depending on where you live) It's useually better when you go to a city to shop compared to a town where i live. Primark is extremely cheap however the quality of the clothing isn't as good as New Look.
Thanks for following, i really appreciate it :)

you have a lovely blog:)


Quinn B said...

You are so cute! I love the leopard cardigan and boots. The bag adds suc a nice pop of color! In the new year, I'm looking forward to graduating high school! I can't wait!

Style Societe said...

cute cardi!

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TheTinyHeart said...

Your leopard print cardi is absolutely adorable! I need more leopard in my closet. I'm looking forward to celebrating my first wedding anniversary this year :)

Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!



I love the leopard print cardi! You look so cute!
Would you like to follow each other?