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A little lacquer for your lips, here's to a smile before the week commences!
New exciting blog posts coming soon, so for now, equip with your Louis Vuitton agenda.
Time to indulge in a little couture appetizer.

A con estilo princessa, Alexandra is the style wonder of Spain. Her wardrobe is an amalagm of a classic feminine cookie dipped in a glass of milky bohemian-chic. The photos bestow a trimly dose of inspiration when you're suffering from a lachrymose case of closet dilemma. 

The Fanning duo was at subject of an inferno of fashion critique that scarred online blogs. Personally, I have a dectected a fond liking to their ensembles, but the shoe department could use a doctor's appointment or two. And have I mentioned how wonderful Elle was in Super 8

I recall dawning upon the poised photographs of perfection that belongs to the one and only, sixteen-year-old Anne He. Her editorials are simply a pyschedelic retreat; one can easily lose themselves in these aesthetic beauties. It is stunning to believe at such a young age, she is the connoisseur of true art!

No more secret-sleuthing required; my love (and pure addiction) for Brandy Melville has officially been released into the wild runways. Sunbathe in beachy vibe with a splash of a bohemian kiss. A summer throwback will always be a fall and winter essential, and I fancy cozy oversized sweaters and knit, sheer tops for the dogdays of... school. 

An incureable Miu Miu maladie has struck again. After waltzing in eyesights with this beautiful Miu Miu bow bag, instincts morphed innocent Tumblr rummaging into a Google search to hunt down the approximate price of the dear bag. And as in any fashionista cookie-cutter fairytale, I'll only be able to reunite with a bow bag in my dreams (or Christmas, hint hint). 

I hope this post has fueled a quite hearty style palete! 
New posts coming very soon!



class in session

▲ Top - H&M ▲ Shorts - Nordstrom ▲ Bracelets - Juicy CoutureH&M, family ▲ Ring - Urban Outfitters ▲

Welcome to a mélange of notebooks, scientific caculators and torment-coated confections of AP homework. School has dawned upon us, where we will no longer be able to witness the eclipse waltzing in our eyes as we stay up past midnight, whether we be amidst austere Tumblr sleuthing or indulging in Project Runway escapades. 

Let's say, junior year of high school is chartered in the unconquered amethyst aequorials of the world. 
Will I survive? Only time will tell. 

In other timely, fall-hued news: I have been accepted into Teen Vogue's Fashion University of 2011! Unfortunately, this three-day frolic fused with fashion seminars from Michael Kors, Whitney Port, Jason Wu, Amy Astley and the like, calls abode in New York City, a dreamy concrete jungle thousands of miles away from Los Angeles. Adieu for now, Big Apple. Perhaps I will be able to attend next year's session!

Hope you have enjoyed this little post today! More to come soon!