le desireux: Summer Wanted

Fourteen days until summer.
Currently, I am a chaotic concotion of quivers and anxiety, tastefully adorned with a drench of pre-speech nerves. School, if you haven't noticed, has tragically managed to conquer my online blogging life as a prisoner of war (prison uniforms have now morphed into the equivalent of black-and-white striped crop tops). 
You see... when June 1st dawns upon us, I'll be committing an atrocious act of presenting an eight-to-twelve minute speech in front of the class about a historical figure. 
As a project-detox, I've graciously allowed my self to re-collect and relax to author up a speedy blog post. So, please feel free to excuse my bland writing today. Did I also mention I am on a shopping ban? 

#1 - Cream Blazer: I must admit this desire was born when I happened to see Kourtney Kardashian attired in a silk-draped cream blazer herself (imagine how sore the AmEx card must have been). I think it's a wonderful staple piece, and cream an absolute classic hue in my wardrobe and is perfected to ensemble well with any piece. I have yet possessed bragging rights to own a blazer, but surely I'll wake up one day to find one mysteriously tucked amidst a menagerie of oversized tees and tanks in my closet. 
 #2 Stephan & Co Friendship Bracelet : Discovered this beauty while on an online-shopping safari. I'm embaressed to declare that I'm not an empress of jewelry, but this stunning, unique beaded wrap bracelet has successfully piqued my bejeweled dreams. Better yet, it's only a mere $10 at Nordstrom! (Expect to find me there once my shopping ban is up!)
 #3 - Cream Scarf: I'm a creamaphobic (?) so of course, it's natrual that I've been eyeing around for a cream scarf sometime now. My favorite kind of scarves must be enclosed in jersey material, at a long length, and of course, must have a delicate, cottony feel (I have demands...). I actually came upon one for only $5 at a local boutique sale, but sad to say, I was wallet-less at the time....  that's a true sob story.
 #4 - Steve Madden Black Heels: My heels can breathe in life when I happen to be attending a formal event or party of some sort, but lately, I've noticed I don't even own a classic staple that literally every fashionista owns... black heels! (Truthfully, I own a pair, but they don't fit my feet properly). I'm a Steve Madden junkie, so investment shoes is a must!
 #5 - Turquiose Jewelry: Lately I've been caught obsessing over tribal-esque jewelry and anything turquiose. I've literally spent hours fawning over gorgeous photos of turquiose, tribal jewelry on Tumblr (not neccessarily true...). I'd love to sport some turquiose jewelry with soft, earthy hues, an easy transition into summer!
 #6 - Oversized Leather Bag: Note, if you adore oversized leather bags like me, do not ever waste a breath pondering on whether you should splurge on one at Urban Outfitters. What a pure tragedy... my favorite leather bag from no other than UO broke only weeks after I started toting around schools, so now, it only sees the day of light on weekends. I'm in desperate need of a new replacement (warning: stay away from UO), especially since I think it would be such a useful bag for storing in my belongings at the airport soon!
 #7 - Sandals: Sorry Steve Madden sandals, I know I've over-worn you so much that the straps have almost broke... tear. But there doesn't seem to be a hefty sandal population in my wardrobe at the moment. I've been searching for a slew of weeks now for the perfect pair of spring/summer/fall/winter (Southern California weather at its best!) sandals. Requirements: Must be comfortable. And cute. End of story. 

Hope you enjoyed! What's on your wishlist? :)
(AGAIN please ignore my boring, tastless writing today. Writer's block has definetly taken its toll) 



kira plastinina+lindsay lohan

Writer's/creativity block has officially dawned upon the fashion-blogging coterie. 
Commence immediate persuing of Nylon and TiVo recordings of Gossip Girl to embark an inspiration inferno. Today's one of those days where cramming in World War II concoctions, biology diagrams, and geometry problems kidnaps our soul and cascades out doses of laziness. Bleh. I no longer have the fuse (or inspiration) to author a blog post for the afternoon, so here are a couple of little presents to keep you company whilst you await.
 Perhaps these might be able to give you a priceless, très belle of inspiration.

Years in the past, Kira Plastinina managed to successfully conquer my closet dreams and desires by simply being a sixteen-year-old fashion designer. Her boutiques were well-armed to notoriously luxuriate and amplify fashion lustings across the US. I even witnessed my self surrendering into the stores, and ending up with a pair of her signature pleather sneakers and a burn-out tee. 
Flash-forward back to present-time, and a whisper of the words "Kira Plastinina" is approximately equivalent to a "European Besty Johnson" (take a glimpse at her collections and see for your self!) Miss Plastinina is now reigning pure fashion tyranny in Eastern European and Asian countries. Her latest collaboration was an exclusive one starring no other than our classic US Weekly-gracing goddess, Lindsay Lohan. I particularly am obsessing over the glamour-roque-esque of their tastefully-crafted alliance. 
What do you think?

For more information about the collection, visit Kira for Lindsay.
All images from Kira Plastinina