to the future.

Photo from Tumblr (I kinda have an urge to go NYC now)
2011, a year of a chaos, California rolls, and creativity.
Finals is finally over, time to retreat, relax, and reside in the exquisite luxury of fine silks and four inch Louboutins. 
I realized last year I didn't blog as much as I would have liked, but I'm making a promise this new year to blog the unbloggable. And, mais oui, it's possible.

But then there's the venom-laced horror: Creativity block

Sometimes, essential inspiration simply refuses to bequeath a visit, and we may find our selves inclined tensely over the Macbook, unveiling a pondering pose, an artfully gloss-stained Starbucks venti latte strewn in the trash, and a blank draft sitting in front of us. 
It's not easy to conquer, but give it a well-tamed couple of days quenched with some good 'ol reality TV, French fries, plaid pajamas and the ocassional fashion magazine swipe, you'll  be well on your way to conjuring up a new blog post in no time. 

And to toast up to a new year of my blog, here's a sneak preview of what I have planned:

Celebrity OOTDs 
The Daily Splurge
Things I'm loving/hating
My Style Lookbook
 ◆ "What To Wear... " at the Themepark, the Airport, during Finals
◆ "How To Wear" Florals, Hoodies, and Sneakers
Trend Lab: Leopard Print, Knee-High Boots
Stealing The Wardrobe: 
Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens & Victoria Beckham
Discover Boutiques
Wishlist series
◆ Fashion Styling Videos

And, of course, tons more to come. Dreaming is possible. 

As of 9:33 AM, I have concocted up a new upcoming blog post for your eyes only:
The Kardashians + Your Closet - 
Is your wardrobe a Kim, Kourtney or Khloe?

Be on the look-out for this post very soon!
And for today's outfit inspiration:

EQUATION: leggings, casual shirt, boots.
REMAINDER: silver jewelry, leather bag, aviators. 
DESTINATION: class, day out w/ friends

Enjoy! Style well, everyone!
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