brandy melville haul

Shall we toast to the commence of October with a pair of sequined Miu Miu pumps? 
A season with sable waltzing leaves and palatable pumpkin spice latt├ęs becomes the essentials of fall's reverie. 
And as we all know, a new season beckons for a rejuvenated wardrobe. 

Luxuriate your sights on the eyecandy and closet delicacy of the moment: Brandy Melville. Now, darling Brandy certainly isn't a newborn gem around the avenues of my blog (instant Brandy catnaps here and here) and thus, I felt the need to write about my recent sojourn to the ever so requisite Brandy Melville sale at the Malibu Lion's Club Flea Market

How did my first venture to the fleamarket end up, you might inquire? 
Quite wonderful, I must say! :)
Very special merci to nocturnal sleuthing on Brandy Meville's Twitter and Facebook page, or I would not have known of Brandy's legendary "garage sales", where these precious bohemian Italian treats are on sale for the exquisite $5 tanks, $10 sweaters and $15 jackets. Bargain treasure trove, indeed! 

♥ Navy Tunic Top - $10 ♥ Striped Sweater - $10 ♥ Gray Sweater - $10 ♥

The sale was a chaotic coterie of Brandy zealots; safe to say, I managed to come early to the sale and instantly annexed up a few pieces. Prime pirate looting began with a navy tunic top, equipped with sleeves are dipped in batwing perfection and a velvety dollop of silkiness (it seems like my Brandy Melville Eiffel Tower bow necklace has struck a camaraderie). Next abduction took place with the splendid pink and cream striped sweater, very Parisian-esque and destined for an acquaitance avec a high-waisted black skirt. And alas, dear apologies to my gray sweater, for I do not ever recall acquiring you at the sale (but you'll look quite lovely during the winter wonderland)!

♥ No Heels Tee - $10 ♥ Le Chat Noir Tank- $5 ♥ Striped Sweater - $10 ♥
My wardrobe has been lusting for a tee-lacquered appetite, so imagine my silent gleeful squeal as I conquered this adorable screenpint oversized tee. Tainted in roquer-chicness, this fine bijou paints a harmonious duo between a model and a pair of classic rollerskates, equipped with the phrase, "No Heels... but Wheels". I scored the perfect Halloween guise hot on the pursuit of this "Le Chat Noir" tank in heather gray (the "Distilled in the UK" is a fab touch). Kidnapping the last of its species, my eyes devoured upon an Abercrombie and Brandy Melville hybrid sweater dress. I'm officially prepared for Christmas. 
Hope you have enjoyed my haul post!
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Joyce said...

All these tops are so pretty!I love that no heels but wheels t shirt :)

Amanda Nguyen said...

whaaat I need to hit up this market next time!! you got so many great things!!!! love brandy melville!!


Stella Miranda said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog and I will definitely be following you back. I'm so jealous of you, this market seems amazing but unlikely I'll end up there until my next trip to LA.

Josefin Forsberg said...

Thank you so much for the comment, I'm in love with the loose fit clothes. You really should come to Stockholm, it's more of a fashion city than some think. Acne etc... And we got a lot of brands that's just established in Sweden :) If you do contact me and I'll tell you the best stores and shopping places ;)

lapetiteblonde said...

nice clothes!like it=)
thanks for your comment!i hope that you return on my blog!kisses and follow you with bloglovin=)


t said...

Sweet haul!


pancakeSTACKER said...

aww jealous! i love BM. they need to hurry up and put up shop in SF!


Berrie said...

waauw, your blog is great!
shall we follow each other?
i follow you now!
i hope you follow me back!


Buzzed For Beauty said...

WTF SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! They don't have those in New York! :'( I'm just a little bit heartbroken...

amazing finds

Mallory In New York said...

I'm seriously in love with Brandy Melville! its like LF, but sooo much more affordable! :)


Stylus Muse said...

Fantastic buys! Looks like such a great market!

Loving your blog!



VLM. said...

Gorgeous post, this haul was very enjoyable to read about! I love that "Le Chat Noir" tank top too! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3


Tanii said...

I love this tops!Thank you so much!xx Tanja

Katherine said...

Fantastic haul - what steals you got them for too! Thank you for sharing with us :) Just followed your lovely blog!

amalia said...

I love your stuff :)

Check my Blog http://alittlebitofshine.blogspot.com/
and on-line store http://shopalittlebitofshine.blogspot.com/ !! :)

Ms.Fashionista A.K.A. Alexa Curtis said...

I love Brandy Melville! So affordable and chic!



marie hamm. said...

i LOVE brandy melville.
cute stuff, amazing prices.
you got some cute stuff love!


Preziosa said...

pretty tops!

Duygu said...

Aother cute post dear, really lovely and stunning as usual :))

Still one thing, could you please please do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link :)


It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from <3 <3


Emilia said...

Love your blog! (:


Vivian said...

love all those tops, especially the pink striped one :) xx great buys. love everything you got.

KerenJemima Austria said...

This is absolutely awesome! I love love love Brandy Melville too, especially how the clothes are supper soft! I live in the Uk and I recently posted my Brandy Melville haul on my blog.
I hope you can check it out!