le désireux: first fiasco

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At the moment .... there's a stunningly, perfected piece of art waiting to be studied for this week's exam. And tragically, this masterpiece isn't a Picasso mistress or a Mona Lisa-esque equivalent. It's a biology test, and I'd rather not lavish precious time in memorizing that the epithelial lines our cavity.

Instead, here I dwell, introducing a new blog series, tentatively christened, Le Desireux.

Compulsive shoppers and retail therapy devotees rejoice alike, you know exactly what I mean! We commit a crime of daydreaming about a heavenly designer bag baked in pure, buttery Italian leather, or we perhaps are perched in a history lecture, musing thoughtfully about a pair of picturesque, cognac-hued two-and-a-half inch knee-high riding boots last seen innocently on sale at the window front.

Either way, we have a wishlist.
A year-round wishlist, that is. It may not be the holidays or a birthday fête, but that shouldn't prevent you from conjuring up a wishlist once in a while.

And voilà, my Le Desireux of the month, ladies, mademoiselles, and duchesses.

Thanks to a trending menagerie of daily Tumblr-surfing, I've come to a conclusion that lace-up boots are simply adorable. I first encountered these beauties at the BP shoe section at Nordstrom, and immediatly, a notorious case of Romeo & Juliet swept across the store, I was in love, but tragically, I couldn't buy them. (See, I'm brushing up on my Shakespeare literature!) I found the light-mocha hue better than the off-black, and I'm also j'adoring that they have a red zipper on the side of the boots. Instant want!

First, can I just declare my ultimate obsession with the trés belle Topshop? Yes, I'm upgrading my secret to public status, for your Lancôme-lacquered-lashed eyes only. Right now, I'm currently experiencing a phase where anything striped, or is remotely related to stripes, is sent to my closet for immediate wardrobe showcase. I adore stripes, even though some glamour-studded mags are serving fresh advice on a Tiffany silver platter and stating it makes you look, unfortunately, wide. And no, to the pleasure of my wallet, I will probably not be indulging in such an extravagence like this Topshop cardi anytime soon, but will definetly pursue a more affordable doppelganger. (By the way, I'll see you, US Topshore store, when I visit NYC this summer!)

Boot obsession is evident, once again. I don't possses a pair of ankle-length boots yet, so this a perfect reason of why they needed to be baptized and blessed as a "shoe newbie" in my fashion empire. I actually met this fellow pair amidst watching an Elle Fowler video on YouTube (for you beauty guru new-borns out there, she is the ultimatum of make-up, fashion and hair) and I knew then, I had to have them. I would love to rock these wonders with a pair of tights and a floral, Free People-imported dress. And not to mention, the flannel print is to die for. What would you pair it with?

I must admit, I'm not much of to-bejewel-and-bedazzle-type. My jewerly display isn't exactly flourishing with zoos of braided necklaces, turquiose-slicked rings or metallic bracelets. I just never found my self graviating towards the jewelry section in stores, period. But as of today (or last week to be precise) I happened to be innocently morphing up some collages on Polyvore when I came upon bow jewelry. And needless to say, I became an avid follower of bow rings, bracelets, and necklaces by the next hour. Honestly, I would rather find my self adorned in such bow beauties then a classic pearl necklace. The rather pricey sales tag isn't going to be invited to a shopping excursion with me anytime soon, though. 

Anywhoo, so let us toast with gladiator sandals and zippered crop tops to the official end of the first Les Desireux series! Mark your Louis Vuitton dayplanner, for this going to be a reoccuring monthly series, hooray! Anyway, for the next couple weeks or so, there won't be a lot of time for me to endlessly blog the night away, so don't expect a post frequently (not like I do anyway). I'll attempt to sneak in an entry or two, who knows! 

What's on your wishlist?



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Amazing items.

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I love the blog! You have to many different style ideas and I love your L.L. post! I think she is so beautiful!

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