What To Wear At The Airport Revamp!

Airports fascinate me. 
There's just some sort of sequined-studded sparkle that manages to tastefully serve its daily opulence, wonder, and red-hued eyes. 
Apart from artfully gloss-stained Starbucks cups perched in a lonely corner, inhaling a bouquet of ketchup and mustard aromas at McDonalds, Hollywood's exotic jet-setting starletts cloaked in a veil of Olivers Peoples as they pose for a slice of cheesecake, and the ocassional "it" girl donning a leopard-veined fedora whilst lusting the online Brandy Melville sale, airports are full of life.  
(Ooh, and cavaiar fangirls and aficionados alike, there's a speciality caviar bar at the Zurich Airport in Switzerland if you ever feel like sojourning to Europe!)

However, airports bequeath ultimate homage to a ferocity of classic pastel-tinged Victoria's Secret PINK hoodies and sweats (über-comfy) and a toasty concotion of Uggs (even more comfier). I think I may need to brush-up on my Twitter-stalking, but a while back, Kimora Lee Simmons (don't laugh) once expertly tweeted, 

"Dress well everywhere you go, because you'll never know who'll you run into", 

which perfectly departs 116 tweetable characters left (ahh, the joy of Twitterland). Okay, maybe it wasn't her who said it, but it is certainly still inspiring.

So whether you're en-route on a family trek to Turks & Caicos or a rendezvous avec the BFFs to Monaco, always aspire to look your best. Perhaps you'll collide into a future best friend/boyfriend while baking to a honey bronze glaze on the beach or sneaking an extra slice of bacon at the breakfast buffet. Or possibly you'll be a victim of awkward eye contact with a future boss. Or a celebrity. Whatever it may be, you do want look stylishly impeccable while at it. Oh, and one rule...

Follow the "The Three C's": Casual, Comfortable and Chic.

Also, this is an updated post of my original "What To Wear At The Airport",  so click here if you're interested in checking it out! 
If Your Plane Ride is 1-3 Hours
Top - Dear Field Binder | Blazer- The Out Net | Jeans - 7 For All Mankind | Bag - See by Chloé | Flats - Tory Burch | Ring - Barneys | Necklace - Juicy Couture

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Blazer/Tee/Jeans/Flats
"Keep it short and simple." For once, that cliché-drenching term actually makes sense. A little, anyway. Jetting off to the state over or a couple glamorous cities away doesn't require a Vogue-fated get-up or a Rachel Zoe-equivalent ensemble. You'll only be glued in your window seat for mere hours, so you will most likely be persuing the latest edition of US Weekly or Elle, subsequenty chased by a petite nap for the time being. We all know from unfortunate experience that planes happen to idolize brisk, chilly temperatures, so a structured black blazer is a wonderful staple in airport wearfare. Slip on your favorite comfy tee, whether it be a time-honored chroma tone or a wild print. Skinny jeans will execute the trick for a short flight, accompanied by a pair of flats or sandals if you desire. As for acessories, a crossbody bag reigns justice in keeping all airport essentials tidy, and bejewel accordingly with a simple necklace, ring, or both. 

If Your Plane Ride is 4-6 Hours
Top - Delias | Cardigan - American Eagle | Jeans - Net-A-Porter | Bag - Vanessa Bruno | Boots - Steve Madden | Ring - Boohoo | Necklace - ASOS

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Cardigan/Tank/Jeans/Boots
Destination: Los Angeles to New York. Approximate flight time? Five hours. Maybe six if you're lucky (Delta has a tragic habit of so). If you're bout to embark on a slightly extensive airport venture, conjure up a sky-dazzling dream brew fit for the flight! It is quite different to be dwelling in middle seat C-18 next to an erupting gossip queen hailing from lipstick jungle for three hours compared to six hours. Since you'll be forced to make friendly convos with your seatmate on the latest Shia LaBeouf or taking a stab at Soduko, make extra sure your outfit is comfortable. Regrets? Change immediatly. Otherwise, you're destined to cope with wishing you had warm looser jeans or a warmer sweater. For a flight battle like this, conquer with black jeans, jeggings or leggings for maximizing comfort (avoid sheer tights at all costs, I happened to have a diasasterous time dealing with those on plane rides). Next up, a snug, thick and warm cardigan will do good in keeping you tucked up and cozy while you casually stalk an attractive seatmate rows ahead. Layer underneath with beloved tank or shirt. Finally, zip up your favorite pair of boots, a grand leather tote, and feminine jewelry to top off. 

If Your Plane Ride is 7-10 Hours
Top - Wildfox | Jacket - Net-A-Porter | Leggings - Nordstrom | Boots - Bakers | Bag - Topshop | Scarf - Nordstrom | Bangles - Forever21 | Necklace - Forever21 

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Leather Jacket/Comfy Tee/Scarf/Leggings/Boots
Daredevil in the works, ladies and gentlemen.... a plane ride equipped for 7 to 10 hours of mileage. I've dealt with one before, and is honestly not so bad, considering you have rights to your own personal television screen, trimly tasted for a teary-eyed romantic comedy or a sci-fi thriller. Extremely everlasting flights like this might require you to change planes at different airports, so make sure your shoewear can keep up with manic speed-walking and are simple and quick to take off-and-on during security check-ins. Black leggings is a life savior during extensive flights, as they are comfortable to be sitting in for long periods of time. For warmth and a dose of Taylor Momsen-esque edge, a leather jacket or your favorite cardi or sweater will do just fine if you're not a Pretty Reckless devotee. Oversized tees (check out my post on how to wear them here!) also weave in wonderfully here in giving off a casual, pleasant vibe. To take it to the next step, a circle or infinity scarf is a must-have to ensure coziness, and adorn your precious feet in walkable boots. A crossbody leather bag that just happens to be stockpiled with plane-perfected beauty products and Prada reading glasses works, while minimal jewelry such as a bracelet or a necklace offers a neccessary accessory Botox lift. 

If Your Plane Ride Is 10+
Top - Topshop | Cardigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim | Leggings - Metropark | Scarf - House of Fraser | Beanie - Forever21 | Boots - Banana Republic | Bag - Balenciaga | Ring - Marc Jacobs | Necklace - Forever21

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Cardigan/Comfy Tee/Scarf/Leggings/Boots
"You can never survive a plane ride longer than ten hours." Challenge accepted. Ten hours is probably equivalent to the amount of beauty rest I get on weekends or rare school nights (depending if I don't have useless geometry trash to do). If so, your whole plane ride can be summed up to one good's night sleep, minus the tranquility.... now you are guranteed a VIP ticket for a soundtrack of Juicy Couture-clad toddlers shedding instant tears,  a symphony of stunningly-fashioned coughing and sneezing, and scandalous at-home gossip. As stated above, black leggings is your new Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, especially for such lasting flights like this.  A long, cushy cardigan is a must, paired with a comfortable tee that you would feel you'll be comfortable in to sit for ten hours or possibly more. A jersey or knit scarf is also reccomended, and to surge to the next level, a slouchy beanie or beret gains fashion bonus points for being an renowned trendsetter, whether on land or in air over the Pacific. Round out with a pair of riding boots, and an oversized tote bag to store all plane neccessaties (may I reccomend a delicious airport-bought sandwich and a classic Gossip Girl novel?) Keep jewelry minimal as always with a statement ring and a necklace to glow radiantly under flourescent lighting.

I hope all of you enjoyed my post! Happy traveling!



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