The Gossip Girl Closet: Serena

BEWARE: Extremely long post ahead. 
If you're a true diehard Serena fan, continue on at your own risk.

Chances are, you're either an insane Gossip Girl devotee who publicly declare your raging love for the show's wardrobes and perfect hair (AKA: me)... or you might have no idea what I'm talking about (highly unlikely, considering almost any fashion-conscious couturier should at least have heard the words GOSSIP GIRL uttered sometime in their vogue-doused lives). 

Long story short: Gossip Girl is our favorite not-so-guilty past time. We TiVo/record/obssess over their scandal-laden episodes, trendily tweaked with risque scenes here and then. What's not there to love about a show that pays homage to all of the most extravagant wonders of the world? Drama, fashion, boys, partying.... New York City. We thrive on the glamorous Louboutin-jaywalking lives of B and S.

And if you've been keeping up with season four, you know what I'm talking about. 
Honestly, this season has got me more addicted then a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte, with both the plot (I still have a cauterizing, heap of hate for Juliet) and the wardrobe, of course. Serena van der Woodsen's eye-candy ensembles have piqued my interest with the coming of each week's episode, and since I found my self falling in dear love with them, why not dedicate a little post on the breakdown of her lookbook? 
Look #1: Day Glamour
Tank - Net-A-Porter | Skirt - Bloomingdales | Shirt - Old Navy | Bag - Yes Style | Shoes - Endless | Jewelry - Forever 21 | Lipgloss - Nordstrom 

 Striped Tank/Shirt - We are all aware of the infamous, notorious stripes, which if attired accordingly, can actually make you look exquisitely style-savvy, like how S here demonstrates. But take note, if conjured uncorrectly, stripes simply can make one appear.... a little wider, or a French fry-thicker. To properly execute this casual-meets-clubbing look, aim for a long tank or tee with thin stripes verses wider stripes. 

✖ Sequined Skirt - Upon musing up the word sequins, one might innocently assume it is destined for that Friday evening out, dancing wildly with smudged eyeliner and a drink over your head. Surprisingly, a gray sequined skirt, when classed up with more daytime seperates, can be perfect for a little afternoon luncheon with your Blair Waldorf-equivalent BFF. Just make sure the sequins are subtle and not super-Ke$ha-glittery, and you'll be fine! 

✖ Chambray Shirt - The chambray trend has been made its rounds from the buffet of size zero models on runways to even our home-away-from-home mall stores. Chambray is a fantastic way to experiment with the denim-look, without needing to don on a pair of your favorite skinnies. A chambray shirt, worn un-buttoned over the tank-top and the sequined skirt bolts up a little flourish of color and a breezy, easygoing flare. 

✖ Quilted Bag - Chanel isn't the only route for the future of quilted bags any longer (though, I wouldn't mind my self one of their signature quilted clutches, approximate price on Ebay is about $1,500) and these days, you can smoothly stroll into a Forever 21 or an H&M and be instantly attended to a variety of assortments of quilted bags, totes, and wallets. Here, Serena is spotted clutching a quilted bag in a chestnut, light cognac hue, the perfect abode to store your belongings. 

✖ Oxfords - Yes, even I know it can be pretty tricky to suitably murder off this oxfords trend. The one key fact to always keep in mind that wear it with style and confidence. If you think you look positvely wonderful in them, then obviously, you do. And it doesn't matter if secretly, envy-eyeing strangers are glancing at you. Why does it matter what they think of you, anyway? It's not like you'll ever see them again in your life! Serena originally had worn this ensemble with a pair of blue heels, but to make this look more practical, invest in a pair of cream oxfords. Not comfortable with them? Swap for a pair of your favorite sandals instead! 

✖ Jewelry - The outfit should be stealing the silver-screen, so keep your jewels to a minimal amount. The only piece of accessory you'll need to furnish off this look with is a chunky bangle in a neutral tone, like silver or gray. 

✖ Beauty: NARS Lipgloss - In order to thoroughly embrace this outfit in Serena fashion, with a whisk of your wand, apply on a soft, light peachy-pink gloss. 

Look #2: Parisian Shopaholic
Tank - Net-A-Porter | Pants - Spiegel | Belt - Fossil | Bag - Barneys | Fedora - Hats Plus | Sandals - Nordstrom | Necklace - Forever 21 | Eyeshadow - Sephora

✖ Tank-top - It's a shame that Serena van der Woodsen is only a fictional character on a television series, but that also deems her exclusive rights to wearing bright, eye-popping colors on the streets, and there's nobody to stop and stare. I wanted to tone down one of my favorite Parisian-dwelling looks from her by swapping the color of the pants to the color of the top. For this ensemble, scour your closet for a simple, plain tank-top in pink.

✖ Wide-leg pants - Before you go running miles away in rickety heels, have no fear, wide-leg pants is easier to conquer than you think. First off, next time you're minutes away from swiping your AmEx card on purchasing your first pair of flare pants, spare a few seconds to examine the material. I like to call these pants "lounge pants", because they are oh-so, super-comfortable, and yes, even stylish. The pants Serena are clad in appear to be constructed out of some fine, draping silky-smooth material, too pricey and ritzy for the taste of us normal day fashionistas. Look for pants that are made out from jersey material, because those tend to be more appropiate for daytime, and ultimately look more casual. I chose gray wide-leg pants because it's a great color to work-in with a few other of your closet pieces! 

✖ Belt - Tucking in the tank-top into the wide-leg pants adds defintion and shape to this ensemble, and seizing on a braided belt gives the outfit a little more structure. 

✖ Oversized bag - The beautiful, stunning bag I showcase in this look is a legendary Balenciaga, which has proud bragging rights of a worth of almost $2,000, tops. Of course, many of us cannot afford to splurge on such extravagance (le sigh), but notice how an oversized bag completely finishes up this look.  Oh, and you're always welcome to tote around a Chanel shopping bag to truly feel like a van der Woodsen. 

✖ Fedora - If you've been avidly sending mental style breakdowns of Serena's recent looks on season four, you'll notice that she's been sporting fedoras frequently, both in France and New York. Pop on a white straw fedora to vibe off a cool, bohemian-esque ambience. 

✖ Sandals - I don't know about you, but I really admire Serena (and Blake Lively) for be able to amble down the streets of Paris decked out in three-inch heels. For me, I'd already be dead at the first step. To make this outfit more transitionable for day-time, you can instead strap on a pair of sandals, much to your feet's comfort. 

✖ Jewelry - Simple, effortless jewelry does it again. All you'll need is a necklace in a turquiose color to contrast with the pink hue of your tank-top. Done, and done. 

Beauty: Dior 5-Color Designer Eye Palette - Serena is exhibiting a smokey, netural eye make-up, so I thought this five-color eyeshadow palette would best do its job on giving you the natural Serena glamour essence. 
Look #3: Class Act
Tank - PacSun | Shorts - MetroPark | Bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Necklace - Nordstrom | Bangle - Avalaya | Shoes - Lagarconne | Moisturizer Lotion - Nordstrom

✖ Buttoned tank - Ah, seeing S at Columbia. Even at school, Serena manages to appear perfectly composed, a concotion of pure innocence and trendiness. Every girl must at least own one buttoned top, correct? There's just something about those buttons that gives it a little more edge and uniqueness. Here, I decided to embrace a buttoned-up tank top in a lovely, dark-teal tint. The silky, satiny appearance of the top immediatly puts a dash of elegance provided.

✖ Black shorts - To make the teal-wash of the top truly stand-out, black denim shorts are the accompanying best friend. There's two options to style-up this ensemble, either tuck in the top into the shorts for the high-waist effect Serena is showcasing, or go loose and casual by letting the top fall over the shorts. Either way will still look positively radiant for school! 

✖ Leather bag - I wanted to take a step away from Serena's original yellow-and-blue color palette. While the two tones do compliment each other superbly, I decided to settle for a more neutral, yet, eye-pleasing conjuration of a turquiose-teal and dark violet color scheme. Here, a dark, glossy bag in a modish shade of purple does so well, also the perfect headquarters to keep your pencils and caculators safe. 

✖ Jewelry - Slip on strands of a silver, avant-garde-esque circle necklace and a gorgeous dark violet bangle embellished with bohemian patterns for your healthy daily dose of jewelry. 

✖ Sneakers - Strolling serenely around the campus of your school can do considerable, massage-seeking damage to your feet. Serena seems to be a splendid fan of the oxfords trend, as she is seen here again gloriously exposing them to some lively outdoor nature. Here, I chose a pair of sneakers slash oxfords, a footwear destined to catch wondering gazes during your forever endless geometry class. 

Beauty: Philosophy "Hope in a Jar" Daily Moisturizer  - Hot off the press, come and get your very own van der Woodsen glow! How does Serena manage to flourish stunning vanity etiquette with her flawless skin? The answer lies here with a jar of daily moisturizier. Don't forget to slather up some every day and night to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy just like Serena! 
Look #4: Royally Vintage
Dress - Net-A-Porter | Blazer - Net-A-Porter | Fedora - Hats Plus | Bag - Lagarconne | Necklace - Net-A-Porter | Bangles - Oasis | Shoes - Loeffierrandall | Body Sparkle - Sephora

✖ Plain white dress - Before season four debuted with millions of fashion-zombies to obsess over, this particular ensemble was slowly morphing into a world-wide tour of the web. This famous Serena look, worn by her while in Paris, was a classic and favorite of many. I agree that while the modelesque and the  considerably wealthy like Miss van der Woodsen can execute this look well, there is a more simple and straightforward way to achieve the same aura, all while keeping your wallet from erupting out of its content. One of the staples you'll need is a plain white dress, that's all! 

✖ Chambray blazer - Again with the chambray trend, this weaves in perfectly with the white of the dress for a polished, elegant air. Blazers should already be well-known in the deep depths of your wardrobe, but chambray definetly brings the blazer to new, unreachable heights. 

✖ Fedora - Oh, fedoras. There's nothing new here. Topple one over for an effortless, vintage throwback. 

✖ Cross-body bag - Let's examine this photo closely, shall we? Yes, no need to zoom in, Serena is seen catwalking around the rues of Paris with a leopard-print cross-body bag. So major, right? (Putting my Rachel Zoe vocab to good use here) However, I wanted to chose a cross-body bag that one could wear anywhere and everywhere, and one that would fluidly work well with any outfit, so hence a classic cross-body bag in a dark, chesnut leather color. 

✖ Statement Necklace - Ooh, the slight-sequined harness-cage-vest-thing (what is it, exactly?) looks particuarly exquisite over the plain white dress. While this may be termed acceptable for Serena, I'm not sure us GG fans will be so willing sport this kind of style out in public. To replace, choose your favorite statement necklace. And no, I'm not talking about a small, itty-bitty necklace that no one will even bat a lash at. I'm talking about huge, eye-catching statement necklaces, a necklace that is guranteed to be a statement. Bib necklaces is a pefect demonstration of this, like I picked out above. 

✖ Jewelry - Since this look already is spoken for, go light on the acessories as you would when consuming calorie-laden red velvet cheesecake. All you'll need is a few golden bangles here and there! 

✖ Oxfords - Again, the oxfords strike the fashion empire. And as always, if you're simply not a fan of oxfords in general, this ensemble will still look as stunning with a pair of flats or sandals!

Beauty: Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Pure Luminizer - The vest-harness 'thing' Serena is seen attired in is subtly submerged in light sparkles and sequins. To replicate this last-minute touch, feel free  to add a pinch of body sparkles to your legs and arms, and yes, even face, to truly capture this look. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
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