The Ultimate Birthday Outfits

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Your birthday. That once-a-year, privileged day where you'll be pampered down to your preciously Kiehls-slathered feet in lavish, opulent wonder. No matter what age you're destined to be elegantly wafting off the candles for, every birthday goddess (or god) adores the same old classics: friends, family, and a birthday cake! (Oh, and the ocassional gifts enveloped in polished, satin-slick wrapping paper of course!) 
This day is the only day where you will truly be the A-list starlet, ready to capture and captivate your admirers in style. You deserve the best, most glamorous tastefully-crafted birthday, and your wardrobe shouldn't be excluded like last year's peach Juicy sweats. 

There's a perfect ensemble for every ocassion that's guranteed to make sure you're looking like a million on your very special day! 
Dress - Nordstrom | Jacket - French Connection | Clutch - Dorothy Perkins | Bangles - Dorothy Perkins | Necklace - Forever 21 | Heels - Aldo Shoes | Perfume - Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Perfect if you're celebrating your birthday by: 
A dinner out with friends and family, going clubbing with your girls, throwing a bash at a lounge/club

✖ Strapless Dress - For a luxurious visage, a stunning, strapless dress in a pink-hue hugs the best features of your figure with a slight, airy ruffles. 
✖ White Blazer - A là Hollywood celebrity, a white blazer perfectly charms the same style offered by your favorite silverscreen stars on the red-carpet.
✖ Nude heels - If you own a pair of black heels, you must of course, have the right to possess a pair in nude tones, don't you? The simple tone of the heels will compliment with the dress and the blazer instead of completely stealing the attention away. 
✖ Clutch - To store your birthday festivity must-haves, do it so with in a light burgundy clutch, easy and effortless to travel around during late at night! 
✖ Jewelry - Accessorize accordingly with an array of bangles that coordinates with our neutral, nude-inspired color scheme. Since the dress is a strapless, showcase off with a beautiful, eye-catching flower necklace, a perfect conversation topper. 
✖ Perfume: Daisy by Marc Jacobs - Even if you're enjoying a wonderful, five-star dinner at Le Fancy Resturant or taking the plunge into club-hopping, you'll be clouded in a mist of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, a concotion of strawberry, grapefruit, vanilla and violet petals that's made to channel your inner innocence
Shirt - Net-A-Porter | Skirt - The Row | Cardigan - Bints | Bag - Shop Ruche | Shoes - TOMS | Necklace - Republic | Ring - Matches | Perfume - Vera Wang Princess

Pefect if you're celebrating your birthday by:
 Shopping with your girls, catching a movie at with your friends, enjoying lunch at your favorite cafe

✖ Striped tee - This ensemble is mostly inspired by Serena van der Woodsen's infamous, Parisian chichi outfit on season four of our guilty, past-time pleausure, Gossip Girl. For the afternoon out with your girls, a loose-fitting, casual striped tee is your newest, trendiest best friend... for now!
✖ Light skirt - Stay true to your feminine side with a breezy, tea-rose skirt. 
✖ Cardigan - In order to prevent this ensemble from melting into a bland, tasteless closet disaster, a super-soft cardigan in royal blue comes in to save the day! 
✖ Sequined TOMS - A little dash of eye-candy is nescessary, provided for with a pair of silver-sequined TOMS. Not only will it relax your feet from all that mall-venturing, but for every pair of TOMS that you purchase, they will give a pair to a child in need. Saving the world by shoes? We think yes! 
✖ Leather Bag - Wallet with money? Check. Your Blackberry/iPhone swarming with "Happy B-day" texts, IMs and FB notifications? Check. Compact mirror? Check. Store all of your beloved belongings in a wardrobe year-round staple, a leather bag. 
✖ Jewelry - Long, golden strands with black bows as your necklace centerpiece, accompanied loyally with ring to match the hue of the cardigan. Done, and done. 
✖ Perfume: Vera Wang Princess - The name cites it all! Feel, look and live in a fragarence like a royal beauty, Vera Wang Princess blesses a graceful mix of lady apple, Tahitian flower, dark chocolate, amber and water lily.
Top - Alloy | Shorts - Metropark | Bag - Michael Kors | Sandals - Net-A-Porter | Bracelets - ZapposFarfetch | Ring - Dorothy Perkins | Perfume - Viva La Juicy

Perfect if you're celebrating your birthday by:
A venture to your favorite themepark/amusement park, going bowling with your group of friends, taking a stab at laser-tagging, exploring the boardwalk

✖ One-shoulder top - It is your birthday, so in order to dress-up an otherwise blasé-baring outfit, declare an envy-eyeing statement with a one-shouldered top. Ultra risqué, yet perfectly acceptable for your special day!
✖ White shorts - Denim white shorts for those dwelling in the warmer, palm-fringed climates, or swap-out with your favorite pair of dark-wash jeans if you happen to be catching people sipping from hot chocolate mugs and sporting Uggs. 
✖ T-bar sandals - Celebrate with your friends in a summer classic, T-bar sandals, that can still be worn in the spring/fall and even exclusive, rare days in the wintertime for us Southern California-ers. More chilly where you call home? You're always welcome to don flats or boots as an alternative. 
✖ White bag - To tone the oufit's variety of colors down, strap on a white leather bag, large enough to fufill your adventure needs.
✖ Jewelry - Clad your arm in bracelets in turquiose and stud-slicked purple, and finish off with a floral ring. Acessorizing is the first, important step in transforming any outfit!
✖ Perfume: Viva la Juicy - Become a stylish wild child with Viva la Juicy, a candy-coated confection of wild berries, jasmine, caramel and mandarins. Choose Juicy!
Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Go celebrate your birthday in style! 



How To Wear Scarves

Want to know the ulimate wardrobe weapon? Yes, that's right: The scarf. Consider it your spiked-stiletto, kind of like the fashion-version of your average, everyday switchblade. Next time you're breaths away from sauntering out the door, a buttermilk-sky mist of Chanel perfume frosting endlessly behind, make sure to never leave without being equipped with le scarf!

Accesorizing with scarves can definetly save your style. Perhaps you're fixated in front of your closet, Yves. St. Laurent-glossed-lips pursed, and eyes glazing over your pre-chosen outfit. Something's missing. We all get that feeling, don't we? Enter... the scarf to the rescue! When styled and furnished accordingly, scarves can swiftly revolutionize your ensemble into a completely new, revamped realm. People will instantly send you the envy-glares from across the street, special merci to your impeccable style. Be proud! 

To diffuse any concerns, yes, scarves can be worn any season of the year. Summer, spring, anything is possible as long as you know how to craft 'em into your wardrobe stylishly!

Look #1: Stay Fresh
Scarf - ModCloth | Tank - TheOutNet | Shorts - AE | Cardigan - Forever 21 | Sandals - Bizrate | Bangles - Oasis | Ring - Now Discount Shoes | 

If you're a newbie to "scarves+wardrobe" department, consider this outfit as a beginner experiment. It's a simple, effortless look, perfect for testing out in school, out with friends, the mall, anything oh so casual!  Investigate James Bond-style around in your dresser for your favorite pair of dark denim shorts (a sure staple for any fashionista!) Next, rummage for a white jersey tank, we're going for one that's relaxed, loose, and a little on the drapey side (a plain white tank used for layering is also acceptable). Tweak a pinch of a cream, soft cardigan for texture, and Greek goddess-esque sandals for daytime glamour. Finally, cast on a mint-toned scarf, along with a slew of classic jewelry. Tres facile! 

Look #2: Wild Child
Scarf - House of Fraser | Shirt - Calypso-Celle | Jeans - Citizens of Humanity | Boots - Steve Madden | Bag - Lucky Brand | Bangles - Forever 21 | Ring - YesStyle | 

For those of you who are more willing to travel in a riskier territory, a zebra-print scarf may actually be your next closet BFF. A pattern like zebra-print is definetly eye-candy, and it's also a quick cinch to expertise into an ensemble. Zip-up in a pair of skinny dark-rinse jeans, and a breezy, casual white quarter-length tee (Urban Outfitters has great ones for a low price, so stock-up!) As for footwear, clad your feet in black leather boots, and backpack everything around with gray messenger bag to coordinate chicly with the neutral color palette. Of course, don't forget to execute properly with the zebra-print scarf! I went with simple metallic bangles for jewelry, and for the nescessary dart of color, a pink cupcake ring! Cupcakes + zebra prints, it is! 

Look #3: Boho Fuse!
Scarf - Style Server | Dress - Delias | Jacket - TheOutNet | Boots - Topshop | Bangles - Nordstrom | Ring - Modcloth | 

Bohemian trends is adorable, and definetly extremely unique, fantastic to fuse cleverly with scarves. For this ensemble, pair a floral dress in light-toned colors with a chambray jacket, which by the way, is the hottest trend I've seen in a while! (If you haven't heard of the chambray trend, Google it ASAP! No chambray? Replace with your favorite blazer instead!) The periwinkle-blue of the jacket bouquets pleasingly with the dress's pink hues. Step into vintage-baptized ankle booties, and cape on a dark, maroon circle scarf! For a playful tease on accessorizing, slip on gold bangles, a toast ring, and little mouse earrings to coequal the color of the chambray. You're ready for a day out thrift-hunting!

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