How To Wear Oversized Tees

Current scenario: You're either sales-rack sailoring or cosplaying as a splurging sovereign at your favorite boutique slash department store. One mascara-lacquered glance down at your arms, and they're draping in closet-destined sweaters, skirts and tanks. Another wary gaze at dressing rooms where a trendy league of fashionistas and shopaholics alike are comitting the horror: waiting in line for a dressing room. Um, no way are you going to be wasting time waiting for a room when you could be enjoying finer luxuries in life! 

So, you finally come up with an ultimate cunning decision that deserves you a celebatory Starbucks peppermint mocha and a matching leather wallet. The game plan? Buy now, try on at home later. Problem with the fit, style and how it looks? Well... you can always return it right? Whatever, at least you don't have endure the disaster of in-store fitting rooms! 

Fashion bloggers and readers of the world, will you plead guilty or non-guilty to this case?  Because I know I've done it before, and it can often end in tragic results. However, next time you mistakenly buy a tee that happens to be too large for you, don't bother returning it! Oversized tees are the perfect casual cure for those shopping/party hangovers that seem to only mysteriously appear on Monday mornings. When these oversized tees are amped up with the right accessories, you'll be thrice presented a queenly crown of emerald-envy glare-downs from your fellow friends. 
And as they (whoever 'they' may be interpreted is up to you) always declare, 
"One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure." 

Look #1: Forever Street Style
Tee - Net-A-Porter | Scarf - Topshop | Jeans - 7 For All Mankind | Bag - Piperlime | Ring - Forever 21 | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban | Shoes - Barneys 

Solid oversized tee - Say hello to your new wardrobe extraordinaire, the saintly martyr that will truly save your precious vogue-slicked closet from collapsing into a "walking fashion disaster". A solid oversized tee is a must-have for any of you out there who tend to call it a classic when you wake up ten minutes late (special thanks to the snooze button) and then enter class adorned in a walk-of-shame ensemble. Oversized tees in neutral colors are super-simple to weave into your current wardrobe, and still look timelessly chic even without any accessories! 

Scarf - I covet with pure desire at the most tastefully-attired girls who can appear effortlessly stunning clad in a simple tee, sans accessories! However, when you're executing a tres plain top, it's best to pique in a little eyecandy accessory... a scarf! I chose a delicate drapey scarf with coral pink splash of beige hue which elegantly pops out from the white of the tee. Not to mention, if you're Tweeting from the chillier coasts of the world, scarves keep you wonderfully warm and cozy, no?

Dark-wash jeans - Jeans remains a true confidant in our wardrobe, and of course, we'll never have to deal with World War III drenched in a scandalous backstab or betrayal with them anytime now! (Unless you do serious damage in the junk food isle of the supermarket... now that's another fairytale!)

Crossbody bag - Love, love, love crossbody bags! These are definetly a closet essential for any aspiring style-seeking, trend-setting fashionista! And of course, they are the ideal definition of your perfect school bag. I mean, who can't resist a bag soaked with a cascading leak of mechanical pencils and protractors?! 

Accessories - If the ensemble is coined relatively "simple", you would most likely pass on a conjecture that the only correct proper response would be to accessorize accordingly with all the bling-blings your mirrored jewelry dresser can maximize to. However, since we're already sporting a newfangled scarf, try to keep any bejewels to a petite amount. Oh, and a pair of Ray-Bans wouldn't hurt!

Flats - Here's the lowdown: If you own a pair of heels, you should own a pair of flats. Flats, being the ultimate closet essential, is the fuselage of your wardrobe. They duo quite wonderfully with the folksy classic dresses and decadent skirts, and of course, with a pair of jeans and an oversized tee as well. 
Look #2: City Lights
Tee - Start London | Bag - Balenciaga | Ring - Nordstrom | Bangles - Couture Candy | Sunglasses - Bloomingdales | Boots - Urban Outfitters 

Dark print oversized tee - One day, you might catwalk out the house with your soul draped in heaps of typical laziness, ocassional tragic hair days-ness, and just to cartouche this into it all: Ennui. And that, my readers, is the pure classification when you don't care what you're wearing, what you look like, and when you just want the day to be over, sans any beauty/fashion/best friend-divvying drama. That is why an oversized print tee is your saving grace for those (admit it) frequent days. An oversized tee with a print doles out a little more eyecandy, while a dark color prevents you from standing out too well. 

Leggings - Friday night: Indulge in a carton of mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Saturday morning, you witness an atrocious struggle between you and your ill-fitting jeans. *sigh* How unfortunate. I guess the only dreamily-fitting option now is to invest in a pair of black leggings....

 ♦ Oversized bag - If you frequent around the turfs of my blog, you'll often catch these famed, notoriously costly Balenciaga beauties making a spotlight worth an envy Google search in my posts. They are exquisitely splendid, but its price tag might just require you to slice off an arm or two. However, it's perfectly alright to substitute in a faux leather oversized bag with a more reasonable price until the day you're prepared enough cash to splurge on a real Balenciaga (Me? I'm still waiting for that day...).

 ♦ Acessories - This ensemble is a trendy concotion of dark neutral hues avec a little rocquer-vixen vibe a la Jenny Humphrey. Upon accessories, an enchanting studded ring and silver metal bangles perfectly jackpots the outfit with a pair of matching aviators to dominate. 

 ♦ Boots - A throwback to the Native American era you might say, mocassin boots is certainly a top five faves for a melancholy-lazy-day-doused look like this. The fringe of the boots can spruce in more "action" and brusquely execute off a boho-vibe. 

Look #3: Daydreaming
Tee - Wildfox Couture | Shorts - Metropark | Belt - Oasis | Bag - Andrew Marc | Sunglasses - Jack Wills | Ring - Forever 21 | Shoes - Piperlime 

 ♦ Bright print oversized tee - Perhaps time abruptly flashforwards and it's the dawn of a summer era, and you want to start off the first day in style with a cannonade of color. Or maybe you're fixated in front of your closet during the peaks of the holidays with a scorching desire to deliver a chameleon of colors to all of your ensembles! Well either way, a bright oversized tee with an eyecatching print will do you well in both categories. 

 ♦ Denim shorts - An oh-so necessary staple in the summertime and spring, simply grandiose whether you're seconds away from a dazzling tanning session at the beach or venturing around the boardwalk or the glittering rues of Paris admist a Euro vacation. Denim shorts combos with ultimately anything in your wardrobe!

♦ Belt - Please don't ever bat a Lancome-lash at leaving the house in a supremely oversized tees and shorts, for you'll look like a fashionably-late socialite who happened to forget her precious pants with the maid at home. Not acceptable! Instead, tuck in the tee into your shorts, and top off with a braided belt for more structure. 

♦ Leather bag - Everywhere and anywhere these days are adorned full of a variety of leather bags, from the conservative faux leathers to the Forever 21-esque imitiations. Just take your pick, and then.... credit-card/debit-card swipe!

♦ Accessories - This paparazzi-destined look is nothing you'll be seeing an Oscar starlett clad in while doing your daily rounds of US Weekly flipping. That's why to keep this outfit light-hearted and wonderfully whimsical an studded owl ring (adorbs!) is a perfect twist. And, as to keep your flaw-free face safe from the fatal flashing cameras, frame well with a pair of oversized sunglasses. 

♦ Sneakers - Your toes are cloaked in a reverse French pedicure reserved for silent showcasing during that dreadful bio class. But at the same time, your feet are aching in heartbreaking pain from all that four-inch heel cantering from last night's fete. Comfort over sandals ladies, your feet deserve to be well-treated in a pair of your favorite sneakers!
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! 



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Inez said...

My favourite is the first one!

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