The Ultimate Swimsuits & Beach Cover-ups

Ahh, the joy of hearty sunshine doses, the unmistakable sound of picturesque, sapphire waves toppling against the velvety-smooth sand. You have your latest beach-reserved novel sprawled on your lap, courtesy of Barnes and Nobles. Your iPod/iPhone is intermixing through your classic summer tunes, and you daintily sneak a sip from your lime-adorned smoothie.
Life at the beach… oh so relaxing!
Of course, everytime perfect beaching weather strikes us, we kind of groan at the thought of…. the dreaded swimsuits
Okay, maybe some of us posess a strapping, toned figure to showcase to other beach goers, but then there's people like me... we're the kind of people who still see the strobing, flashing caution sign of self-consciousness. 
But no worries if you do! Cast on these tres mignon swimstuis, and if you're still hesitant about your body in them, make-up for it by furnishing a stylish cover-up outfit that is still bound to get you the ultimate, envy-eyed staredown!

The Solid Bikini 
Bikini: Fashion Conscience | Top: Net-A-Porter | Shorts: General Pants | 
Shoes: ASOS |Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Juicy Couture
Solid Bikini – If you’re a newcomer to the bikini world, may I suggest a solid print, perhaps? Always classic, a black bikini is a relatively safe option and is most often affordable! Have you heard that black also appears slimming for your body? Bonus points! A solid bikini can also allow you to creatively dress it up anyway you’d prefer, so let your wardrobe-conjurations run amuck!

Jersey shirt – There are two kinds of people in this world: The ones that stay fixated on a lounge chair, under an umbrella, relaxing, and the ones that actually frolic in the water and the sand! In both scenarios, a jersey shirt may be your perfect companion. Planning on staying dry? A jersey shirt will still give off the requisite “I’m fashionable, even at the beach!”  statement on land, and is a beach essential, simple and easy to toss off and on, and can keep you cool at the same time!

White denim shorts – Fabulous for lazying under the shade and can possibly offer your legs a nice, bronzed tan. Who wouldn’t like that?

Gladiator sandals – You must, must, must arrive to the beach in style, don’t forget! Strappy gladiator sandals complete this whole celebrity caught by paparazzi-esque ensemble, with a little rocker edge. Try not to get them wet, will you?

Cross-body bag – Stockpile on all of your beach replenishments in a suede crossbody bag, and don’t forget to stash in some sunscreen! Perfect since the bag matches the gladiator sandals as well!

Ray-Bans – Don’t even bother attempting to glare up at the sun ever again, invest in a pair of Ray-Bans for a throwback to the vintage style.

The Patterned Bikini  
 Bikini: Paul and Joe Sister| Top: Net-A-Porter | Scarf: Trekstock Loves| 
Shoes: Debenhams| Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs| Bag: Topshop
Patterned Bikini – Amp up your beach attire with a patterened bikini, gurantee to be fashionista eye-candy. When you’ve opted for such a daring print, remember, it’s normal to be stared at… or is it? A blue and white leopard print bikini packs a unique punch on typical bikinis, but don’t be afraid to experiment around with crazy prints!

T-shirt dress – It’s a T-shirt… but a dress at the same time. And it was born to be worn to the beach. A lightweight, airy T-shirt dress is great and stylish to throw-on over a patterned bikini instead of favoring the typical shorts and tee combo.

Scarf – I’m a firm believer in accessories, and the beach shouldn’t limit your closet wonders. Drape a simple scarf on, and you’ve already executed the whole outfit to a new dimension.

Cuffed sandals – Shoe extrodinaire or not, cuffed sandals is certainly something you don’t see gracing everyone’s French-manicured feet. It’s a cute, uncommon alternative to your average everyday flipflops, so why not experiment now?

Quilted bag – A vinyl quilted bag in navy ties up the blue, black, white and gray color scheme and is your exclusive storage area to stow away your beach must-haves.

Black oversized sunglasses – Again part of this neutral color sequence, black oversized sunglasses mask your precious complexion from the harmful sun rays and also dishes out a mysterious, movie goddess-allure.
 The One-Piece
  Swimsuit: Bloomingdales| Dress: Ascension Online| Cardigan: Farfetch|

Shoes: Net-A-Porter| Sunglasses: Yves St. Laurent|
Belt: Calvin Klein | Bag: Juicy Couture

One-piece – Admit it: we’ve been caught wearing one-pieces at some point in our glamorous life, but a one-piece can actually flatter your shape in a way a bikini couldn’t. Those who suffer from bikini-weariness can be super-glad to know that you can arrive at the beach in a one-piece and still look like you’ve stepped out from straight the pages of Us Weekly (and yes, I am aware that it is a celebrity mag). A white one-piece with a bandage-style detailing adds a little more dash of elegance perfect for the beach.

Strapless dress – A wardrobe staple, a strapless dress is a required for beaching days, but instead of fancying with the plain black dresses, adopt a strapless dress in a new, fun color, like coral pink, a simple way to display your feminine side.

Belt – There’s something about those darn belts, like when you slip one over a dress, suddenly, the whole dress boasts a new shape and structure. And that’s always a good thing.

Cardigan – Super-soft and cottony, an open cardigan interlaces the whole innocent, ladylike-inspiried ensemble together.

T-bar sandals – Go easy on your feet and elect a pair of T-bar sandals, quick and sleek to buckle on and off so you’re free to roam abound the sand.

Printed tote bag – A cherry-printed tote bag? Who wouldn’t have thought about that? Following the dainty, pink-splashly theme, a fun-printed bag puts a pleasant twist to your outfit.

White oversized sunglasses – Feel free to do some people-watching under the protective lenses of white oversized sunglasses, always a must-do at the beach.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post!
Have a fabulous time at the beach!



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Great post. The white one-piece swimsuit is definitely my favorite item.

I love how you mentioned a crossbody bag. I've totally been coveting a few this year. I finally found one today by Junior Drake at Neiman's Last Call. Hopefully, I'll write about it soon.

I also spied these super cute BCBG cuffed sandals while I was there. The sandals are gorgeous, but I don't think they're worth it. They're probably not very comfortable.