Trend Lab - The Bandeau

Trend Lab: The Bandeau

Priceless tanning, water-frolicking, smoothie-sipping, and Kid Cudi-jamming… part of the wonderfully, exquisite dog-days of our cherished, prized summers. Thou must promise to sculpt their wardrobe into a star-studded tier of breezy, beachy tanks, pastel-drenched shorts and classic arrays of flip-flops. Hello, warm weather!

Now that the time has artfully arrived to allow us to abandon the jeans that is destined a rehab in our dressers, it’s just about the right moment to welcome a new, flaming trend for the summers…

The Bandeau.

Daftbird Bandeau, Revolve Clothing

If you find your self asking, what's a bandeau?, then read on. If not, feel free to skip down towards the outfits and ignore my little rant about bandeaus. =)

So, what’s a bandeau (pronounced BAND-DOE), you may possibly be pondering about? Well, all I have to offer is: It’s basically a midriff top slash tube top slash built-in bra (which, to remind many of you out there in this wildly, vouge-poisoned world, midriff tops should never see the light of the day).
Bandeaus is the picturesque dream for fashionistas and shopaholics who want to channel a relaxing, tranqualizing casual-chic look. Bandeaus, however, are not the ideal posession for those who are striving to wear the bandeau, alone (bandeau swimsuit tops are perfectly fine, but if you’re seriously considering to simply stroll around the block with just a bandeau and destroyed Daisy Dukes on, all I have to say is, whoah).
Experiment #1: Beach Bandeau

Bandeau: UO | Top: Net-A-Porter | Shorts: AE | Sandals: UO | Jewelry: Zappos | Sunglasses: Nordstrom| Bag: Bluefly|

Silk, sheer tank – A blissful essential for those who savor the sunshine. A gauzy, translucent top keeps you feeling cool, refreshed and stylish, all at the same time, while the silk adds the requisite feminine cherry-on-top.
Black bandeau – Our current lab experiment: the bandeau. As you can see, the top for this outfit is a little on the see-through side, and no one wants to stuff on a tight, long black tank-top underneath, especially in hot weather. Why not substitute with a black bandeau, perhaps? It will gurantee you a first-class ticket to feeling much more cooler in this ninety-degree weather.
Light wash denim shorts – A summer staple standard in many of our closets, please don’t ever forget about taking them out for a ride sometime! This casual, reckless-edgy intense look is all about light, airy neutral tones.
Studded jewelry – Every girl possesses the rocker, sarcastic-mouthed side of her, so why not wear your secret attitude with pride? Stud-slicked bangles and necklaces make peace with this outfit and relinquishes a Taylor Momsen-esque vibe.
Fringe bag – Anything festooned with fringes emits that nescessary dash of bohemian chicness. Perfect for the noon to venture out the boardwalks of the beach!
Aviators – Slip on some celebrity-candy aviators, perfect for shielding the sunlight and looking effortlessly mysterious.
T-bar sandals РSimple, effortless and tres laid-back, just born to be sauntering to the sound of seagulls. The white of the sandals praises the light color-tone of the outfit, keeping everything blas̬ and nonchalant.
Experiment #2: City Bandeau

Bandeau: Anthropologie | V-neck: Calypso | Shorts: AE | Belt: Fossil | Flip-flops: A&F| Bag: UO | Bracelete: Fossil|

V-Neck Shirt – The one thing that fascinates me about V-necks from day to day is how versatile and convertible they are. Perfect to dress-up & dollop up with for an insanely, scorching summer afternoon, v-necks transmit a laid-back, mellow simple-doused look.
White bandeau – Consider a white bandeau the summer equivalent of a white t-shirt. Tumble one under a gray v-neck for a nouveau, loose and effortless look. The bandeau is the desired stand-in for a tank-top… for now, at least!
Black denim shorts – Denim cut-offs are extremely crucial for any kind of blistering steamy weather, and black denim shorts shouldn’t be excluded. Tuck in the v-neck into the shorts to achieve a more, well-structured, urban-esque vibe.
Braided belt – To sucessfully execute this outfit, don’t forget to equip with a braided belt. It will tote up a different, unique dimension to this ensemble.
Flip-flops – Leather flip-flops, the more luxurious cousin of its plastic relative, are just about the right companion to trot along the city’s streets with.
Bag – Why not consult a strappy, cream leather bag for your trip to the city? Among the countless times you must pluck your one of the following: wallet, cell phone, car keys, or compact mirror in and out, a collossal bag is the only exception.
Jewelry – To match the other leather-adorned items of the outfit, it only makes sense for a leather peace bracelet, right?
Experiment #3: Clubbing Bandeau

Bandeau: American Apparel | T-shirt dress: Net-A-Porter | Shoes: Ami Club Wear | Tights: Net-A-Porter| Nail Polish: O.P.I, Off With Her Red! | Ring: Net-A-Porter | Necklace: Midwestern Cliché | Clutch: Desire Clothing |

Draped T-shirt dress – Armed for the widly, notorious-coruscating, neon-splangling dance floor, an oversized, sprawling T-shirt dress is the ultimate late-night ensemble. Very Greek goddess-inspired, and you’ll be free to throw bangle-attired arms in the air and shake your artfully, mused hair.
Patterned bandeau – Instead of seizing up a solid-color bandeau for a scandalous Friday night prowl at the clubs, why not utilize a patterned bandeau for once? American Apparel’s bandeau has that chichi African touch, a geometric-abstract print in bolting red that will definetly be an eye-candy when slipped under your t-shirt dress.
Black tights – Keep your soon-to-be-sore legs warm and conservative in a classic pair of black tights, typical clubbing attire.
Red heels – To match a daring-dazzled print of the bandeau, studded red-heels will elongate you to exclusive supermodel-status and cast a flare of color to the outfit.
Jewelry – Silver, layered necklaces tone the eye-popping red hues, while a red ruby ring provides a fantastic conversation stater, as well as the necessary cherry-on-top!
Red nail polish – Play matchmaker and pair your heels, bandeau and nails together. Others will pause admist their dancing to mysteriously shoot envy-united glances at how well your whole nightclub outfit fits perfectly into a color scheme.
Clutch – As if to remind other clubgoers that yes, you are indeed a classy, mature woman, a floral, ruffled metallic clutch is just the silver knight in shining armor! This clutch provides a petite, elegant-fused glitz that will still gurantee you an unpredictable night out!
Hope you enjoy this experiment on the bandeau!
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