Stealing The Wardrobe: Taylor, Lauren & Blake

Stealing The Wardrobe:
Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad & Blake Lively
What is “Stealing The Wardrobe?” you may mysteriously wonder? We all devour those gloss-shellacked copies of People and US Weekly twenty-four seven, for one reason: The clothes. And, well, um, perhaps the latest trendiest scandal every once in a while. An A-list celebrity’s closet puts us into a mind-controlling, trance; we will catch our selves day-dreaming of abducting a Hollywood starlet’swardrobe at least once every day. But you shall no longer have the need to envy-eye the risque pages with jaded jealousy anymore, because Stealing the Wardrobe will execute the job for you!

On today's Stealing The Wardrobe, we will be focusing on simple and polished styles, great for throwing on when you've overslept or just feeling lazy.

Victim #1 – Taylor Swift

We all adore her cookie-cutter country music. We thirst for her angelic, statuesque complexion. And, of course, we are envious of her slew of ex-BFs (Joe Jonas and Taylor Launter, you’ve got to be kidding!). Maybe because T-Swift seems so perfect, we decided to snag her wardrobe. Sorry Taylor, because when you’re fifteen and someone tells you they love you, all they really want are your deluxe myriads of clothes.

Plain V-neck - Every style-laced girl should be equipped with a plain V-neck, destined for those quick 'throw-on' days. The secret to playing up a casual ensemble like Taylor's is color-coordination. A bright V-neck tee will pop against dark jeans, but contrast with the chesnut-tinge of the boots to give it a brighter, look-at-me edge.
Dark-wash jeans - A classic staple for the wardrobe. End of story.
Tall boots - I officialy declare boots as the perfect feet-candy for those drab Monday mornings when I'm still exhausted from all the weekend fetes. Taylor looks extra comfortable and casual in this outfit, thanks to her boots, peppered with heels to give more height.
Oversized bag - Taylor completed this "innocent, city-girl" outfit perfectly, with an oversized bag in a brown color similar to her boots.

Victim #2 – Lauren Conrad

This The Hills stunner personally is just asking for it. We all crave for her twenty-four hour supremely flaw less hair. We’d love to suddenly switch tanned and slender bodies with her so we can declare, “I worked at Teen Vogue.” We lust for Lauren’s priviledge to launch a legend-to-be fashion line under her own name. It makes sense that celebuante LC is just the right target to snatch up some pieces!

Button-down shirt - Guys look gorgeous in button-downs, and so can girls! Scour your closet for a classic button-down shirt; they are versitile as Lauren proves; dress-it-up for work or a fancy event, or even for a casual day out! The secret to this outfit is tucking the shirt in the shorts, which give more structure and prevents you from looking like a mess.
Denim shorts - I'm pretty sure every fashionista is nursing a pair of denim shorts somewhere in her closet. Go find yours now!
Flip-flops - Never diss the flops. They are your best friend at nail salons and at the beach. So don't feel bad when you're taking them out for a stroll, but it's perfectly fine to let your precious feet rest from those heels, sneakers and boots.
Sunglasses - A girl's ultimate weapon: her sunglasses. Why, you ask? Now we can secretly stare down the girl across from us, mentally checking-over her A) outfit, B) hair, C) make-up and of course, D) shoes. And we can do all of this without them ever knowing, thanks to our trusty sunglasses!

Victim #3 – Blake Lively
Spotted: A drop-dead-gorgeous blonde living the five-star life. We all obsess over Blake’s hunky, adorably cute boyfriend and co-star, Penn Badgley. We panickedly bolt to our TiVo every week in time to catch Gossip Girl, longing to be Blake for a day, just so we can wear cool, chic expensive clothes and spread nasty rumors on television. We hope to suddenly wake up one morning with her radiantly classy appearance. Watch out Manhattan; we’re here to swipe Blake’s ensembles any minute.

Shirt | Skirt | Scarf | Shoes

Plain V-neck - I don't know how many times I'll have to say v-necks are a must-have for any girl! Even if you say you hate fashion. They can be worn and transitioned into several styles, so it's money well spent.
Drawstring skirt - One thing that the boys can't wear are skirts. So, let's embrace our feminine side as Blake showcases! A black, drawstring skirt, not too short, not too long, is the perfect example of feeling and looking like a girl.
Scarf - Please, please, please don't ever forget about adding a scarf or two to your cart next time you're out at the mall. They can literally save your wardrobe! The secret to this outfit is to spice-up a boring, plain outfit with a bright, floral scarf! Try & imagine Blake's outfit without the scarf? Chic, still? Yes. But it won't be as eye-catching!
Oxfords - I've seen many fashionistas rock out this trend effortlessly. They're a cute, indie-boho alternative to regular sneakers! Props to Blake for making it look wearable.

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Sarah M
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