How To Find Great Fashion Deals at Sales

Let's face it. People are already dousing themselves in the "reccesionista-chic" clothing style. And of course, everyone wants to make their grand debut with a whole new wardrobe. It's not exactly easy when you're constantly being gossiped by your jealousy-stricken neighbors just because you bought a new pair of Christian Louboutins. Having money duirng the recession is one thing, but it is certainly another thing to show your money by your designer-luxe-only closet.

Many of us have resorted to what we like to call our island paradise: sales racks.

While some of the items being displayed in the much "cheap-cut, unworthy" clearance racks aren't exactly what you call "a la mode" or "up-to-the-minute", it's certainly a comfort to us that these items just happen to moderatly marked-down in our favorite and affordable price range.
Bottom line? Some of the gear sold in the sales/clearance sections are last-season and worn-out, but with these helpful, wicked tips, you can end up ringing in at the cash register with an inventory of your favorite designer items from the sales area, and best of all, it's all completely, purely, one-hundred-percent affordable!

- Find a good, reliable designers' off-price store. While you could spend hours rifling through the extremely, tiny clearance area of upscale department stores like Nordstrom's or Bloomingdales, there are some specialty places designed exclusively just for designer sale merchandise. Nordstrom's Rack, Loehmann's, T.J Maxx, and Marshalls are all great examples of this. Most of the items sold in these stores are marked-down from 20% - %75 of the original price, so it's a great way to find designer items at a more reasonable price. If you really are into high luxury designer wear such as Dolce & Gabanna, Alice + Olivia, Chanel, Gucci and such, Nordstrom's Rack is your best bet.

- Know when the new inventory of clothes arrive at your store. It's important that you know the exact day of each week when a new shipment of merchandise arrives fresh at your store. You can usually find the date at the stores' official website. For example, Nordstrom's Rack new shipment of items arrive every week on a Tuesday. Planning ahead can help you shift your schedule around so you know when to stop by and take a look at the new supply. First come, first serve is what I like to say, because if you're the first to spy a very affordable-priced Kate Spade bag, then it's yours!

- Be prepared to spend a while on searching for decent clothing. Sales racks have its good days and bad days. Sometimes, you'll arrive at your store to your disappointment to see that most of the more decent and reasonable clothing are gone. Other days, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the exsquisite purchases you made for an affordable price. Check out the hard-to-find-areas of your store, because some hidden clothes might be there, waiting for you to discover. Yes, some stores hide their best hoard of designer wear in hard-to-find racks or areas. I always end up going home with a very satisfying purcahse when I spend a lot of time scouring the hidden areas of racks and such. It's worth the time you spend searching. Who knows? Maybe after some time traveling from rack to rack, you'll end up with a perfect dress!

- Go on a rainy day. Sounds strange, right? If it happens to be raining wherever you live, zip up those Uggs and cozy up in your rain coat, because it's best to take an excursion to your favorite off-price store. When it's a rainy day, less people will be want go out and shop around, so you will have a better chance of finding better quality designer-wear for cheaper prices when there isn't any competition around. Try to go on days when you know there something big going on; less shoppers, better shopping experience!

- Don't limit yourself to one store. If you're a loyal-shopper and will only slave away to this one specific store, I think it's time for you to branch out. While Nordstrom's Rack may price their True Religion jeans at around $110, Loehmann's might tag their True Religions as only $95. Take some time to migrate to other off-sale stores too and compare the prices of your favorite brands; you'll be surprised to see which store you could have bought that Juicy jacket cheaper at.

- Know when to stop. It's okay to get a little carried-away at first. After it all, it's designer wear on sale! But try not to go overboard with buying three handbags. You're trying to find great deals here, not buying a hideous designer tee-shirt just because it's cheap or investing in those Michael Kors sandals, even though they're way out of your price range. Set a goal price limit when you go shopping. This is a great idea to prevent yourself from spending a little much money.

- Shop online. Maybe you're too busy, lazy or both, but take a try at shopping online. Try going to your favorite stores' sites. Nordstrom's is my favorite place to shop online; they usually have a lot of apparel, shoes, bags, ect on sale that you won't find at any speciatly, off-price store (aka, Nordstrom's Rack or Loehmann's).

Now that I have dished you some of my must-have tips on how to find great fashion deals at sales, let's share some of yours! What do you think about shopping in the sales/clearance area? What are some of your favorite tips about cruising the sales scene?