home sweet home

jacket H&M, similar here / top LF, similar here / pants C/O EAST & LO / shoes STEVE MADDEN / necklace RIVERLAND / bangle C/O THE WISHLET

My current state of being: leather jackets, avocados, and How To Get Away With Murder (namely, Alfred Enoch's puppy dog eyes). Since I have school matters to tend to, I'll keep this post short and sweet... but I can't guarantee the same for that dreadful seven-page philosophy essay...

On Saturday, Alison and I trekked down to SoHo for a prime brunchtime joint: Jack's Wife Freda. Don't let its quiant demeanor fool you; while the restaurant sports a charmingly cozy exterior, the inside is the polar opposite. The hub of all activity, Jack's Wife Freda is populated by lively chatter and weekend gossip, a soundtrack best reserved for non-intimate occasions. To go with the animated atmosphere, we chose an equally vibrant meal: a Mediterranean-style concoction of scrambled eggs, pita, cucumber salad, and of course, the essential avocado slices. This is a refreshing alternative to your carb-laden (but still delicious) waffles and pancakes, and it's safe to say this dish received a 8 out of 10 from me.

Afterwards, we made a trip to a photographic paradise: The Apartment by the Line. A dreamy studio packed with luxe apparel, beauty products, and home decor, The Apartment invites its visitors to shop within the comforts of a humble abode. From fur rugs to a Parisian perfect bike, you have the freedom to purchase any item on display (and for the record, that also includes the museum-worthy artwork on the walls). Essentially, The Apartment allows you to shop for your closet, vanity, and home all in one convenient spot. Let me tell you, I still dream about that bathtub to this moment (and I may or may not have added a wool J. Mendel coat to my infinite wishlist...) 

For a relaxing venture like today, my East and Lo pants proved to be the perfect companion. And yes, they are blissfully comfortable (hence, why I've been living in them for the past week or so). I might as well just coin them my honorary pajama bottoms at this rate. If you've been vying for your own pair of ultra-comfy pants, be sure to check out East and Lo! And don't blame me if you suddenly find yourself wearing them twice in a row... ;)




Escaping NYC has never felt so refreshing. My choice destination? The city upon a hill, otherwise known as Boston. I was due for some much needed R&R and Boston proved to be the quintessential weekend getaway. From book store jaunts to movie marathons, it felt so liberating to temporarily flee from the concrete jungle. Not to mention, autumn in Boston is Instagram-worthy material. I mean, where else can you compose a shot of perfectly turned leaves? (Not in Manhattan for sure...)

Day one consisted of spontaneous exploration. Laura and I trekked down to Harvard Square, the ultimate definition of East Coast charm. Highlight of our time? Getting mistaken as Harvard students, care of an innocent tourist (one can only dream). Beacon Hill proved to be my new favorite Boston gem. Mixing cobblestone pathways, historic brick buildings, and gaslit streets, Beacon Hill is a photographer's paradise. We also popped inside Oona's, a heavenly vintage boutique packed with apparel and accessories from every era. What started as an unexpected discovery quickly morphed into a game of constant lust. With black leather gloves, faux-fur coats, menswear-inspired blazers... it was difficult to refrain from spending the bucks. However, we miraculously managed to exit without forking over a single dime. After all, we would need to reserve our precious funds for another essential: the cinema.  

While in Boston, I caught not one, but two movies. First on the chopping block is Hollywood's most hyped flick: Gone Girl. Done in classic David Fincher style, Gone Girl amplifies your movie theater experience to the next level. I won't reveal too much due to spoilers, but Gone Girl will leave you in emotional shambles (and trust me, that's a good thing). Haunting, suspenseful, and captivating in every way, I hope to see Gone Girl nab an appearance or two during Oscars season. Our second movie involves Dylan O'Brien in high-definition goodness: The Maze Runner. This was surprisingly well-crafted and thankfully, free of unnecessary romances or cliches. I'm eagerly waiting for the sequel to come out next year (and directors, please throw in shirtless scenes of Dylan O'Brien and Ki Hong Lee for scientific purposes).

And of course, I must not forget a requisite pit stop to Boston's famed Mike's Pastry. Home to the most appetizing array of cannolis, Mike's is dangerous territory for anyone with a sweet tooth. With cannoli flavors from chocolate ricotta to the seasonal pumpkin spice, it was terribly challenging to only stick with one choice. After much deliberation, I settled with the amaretto, which perfectly accompanied my iced mocha. 

After our blissful pastry run, it was photoshoot time in the North End (exact location: a quiet alleyway, away from prying eyes). Boston was on the chilly side when I was visiting, which meant I could finally layer on my new autumn-appropiate goodies from Missguided. My outfit comes straight from Missguided's new Rocky Mountain lookbook, which features a tantalizing collection of plaid prints, leather accents, and grunge-inspired vibes. For my Boston ensemble, I paired a wool plaid A-line skirt with a chunky, knitted sweater for a relaxed, edgy essence. And when the evening came around, I simply added a black leather shearling jacket for warmth... and a hot chocolate for taste! 

Also, honorary mention to the clam chowder I devoured in less than three minutes. Next up on my Boston food tour: the must-have lobster roll.