paris je t'aime

coat CAROLL (similar) / sweater H&M (similar) / hat COTTON ON / bag KATE SPADE (similar) / shoes THRIFTED (similar)

Paris So Far:
Crepe Count: 4 (3 Nutella, 1 jambon et fromage)
Baguette Count: 5 and counting
Orangina Count: 2 bottles
Embarassing Attempts at Speaking French: Infinite

Greetings from abroad! These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of both old and new. Moving into my first (Parisian) apartment, spontaenous Eiffel Tower jaunts, the intellectual struggle of deciding which fromage to buy at the supermarket... the list is truly endless. 

Another new discovery? Les soldes, or sale season, in Paris. It is nearly impossible to escape these bewitching store displays, luring victims in with 50% discounts and 10 euro sweaters. Naturally, I became prey. When my aunt introduced me to Caroll, I knew there would be no escape. This is a boutique especially tailored for the Parisian essence; think clean, minimal, and most of all, sophistication. Here I was, surrounded by dreamy knits and sleek pants, overwhelmed on where to even begin. 

In the end, only one made it past the register: a camel blazer coat... and with pockets! I've been wearing this coat religiously since then, mixing it with turtlenecks and striped tees for effortless charm. I'm relieved to say my hunt for the perfect camel is finally over, and in Paris of all places! Was this coat worth one disasterous Cyber Monday order and mall sleuthing over winter break? Oui, bîen sur!

Stay tuned for new content coming soon! And in honor of this post's title.... something about Natalie Portman, Paris, and short films just feels so right. 



desert rose

blouse RIVERLAND (similar) / pants RIVERLAND (exact) / fedora COTTON ON (similar) / necklace C/O ENDLESS AUGUST / sunglasses GROWZE (similar)

2015 so far in a nutshell: packing, binge-watching Marco Polo, and generally losing my sanity.

As chapter one of Paris dawns before me, my initial dreams of movie marathons and 12 hour "naps" are suddenly crushed. Relaxation is no longer a slice of reality. There's appointments to catch, contracts to finalize, clothes to buy, dollars to save... studying abroad is no simple matter. Yet, amongst the chaos, I've discovered temporary cures for my eternal stress. Coffee dates with good friends, Giga Fries at Potato Corner, the night I saw Big Hero 6 (in which my waterproof mascara failed to rescue me), downloading pretty fonts, (overpriced) arcade photobooths, the list could go on.

I've just learned to take everything in stride and allow my Type B side to snag some action. It's only natural that my style also gets the lax treatment in return.