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 Want to know the recipe for curing a rainy Saturday afternoon?
Start with one serving of pajamas (bonus points if they are the buttery soft kind from the kitchens of Victoria's Secret). Next, mix in your blissful throne of slumber (pillows and blankets required). Lastly, whisk in the most important gloomy day ingredient: Netflix, preferably topped with an episode Gilmore Girls. And that, my friends, is how you perfectly combat rainy weather.

As a Southern California native turned NYC transplant, I still struggle with Mother Nature's unfortunate range of seasons. Usually, March back home translates to cool spring mornings that could be resolved with a light cardigan. Rain proved to be a scene of rarity, and certainly, our weekends were at least treated to a dose of glorious sunshine. However, living in New York shatters such luxury I took for granted at home. I mean, before coming to the East Coast, I had never once owned a pair of rain boots, nor did I think it was possible for my skin to turn a lovely shade of blotchy red from the freezing rain (next time, I'll know better...)

On Saturday, I decided to abandon my typical rainy day formula and brave the weather in order to give my new rain boots (or "wellies" for you English folks out there) a spin in its natural habitat. Joules graciously sent me these stunning Evedon Bow Wellies to try out, which definitely puts a stylish twist on the rubberduck yellow boots of childhood. I pleasantly discovered that not only would these gems be able to defend me from the treacherous puddles of the city, but they could also pass as a pair of riding boots, two-toned and all. Plus, I simply can't get enough of the adorable bows in the back! If you have ever dreamt of skipping in the rain in true style, here's your golden ticket. So, thank-you Joules for converting me to the world of wellies. What would my California self say now?

And because I refused to succumb to the umbrella-toting masses, I opted for a faux-fur hooded jacket care of Sammy Dress to protect my tresses from the rain instead (with partial success). My LF black eared beanie provided further warmth, and I finished off my ensemble with a floral shift dress and opaque Ralph Lauren tights gifted to me from the ladies of Cameo PR.

Later that evening, I spent a cozy night at the cinema catching Wes Anderson's latest flick, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Now, I wouldn't say I'm a Wes aficionadio (at least, not yet), but I'm slowly working my way through his exceptional filmography of quirky classics. The Grand Budapest proved to be worth every dollar, with an enchanting score created by music mastermind Alexandre Desplat (and whom I shamlessly listen to while walking to class) and an engaging narrative that had me both in fear and in awe. It's a perfect blend of suspense, drama, and humor, and reportedly, the film's star-studded cast has 19 Oscar nominations altogether. Talk about talent! I mean, when you have Ralph Fiennes, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Saorise Ronan, and Owen Wilson all in one line-up, what do you expect? I'm currently debating on what my next Wes movie should be... Rushmore or The Life Aquatic? Also, I'm thinking of doing a style guide based on The Grand Budapest... let me know what you all think!

With a month and half left of freshman year, I'm attempting to balance culminating the school year with a glowing GPA and devoting free time to blogging. I'll try to post as much as I can over the next few weeks! 

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I know, I know.
I have pretty much disappeared off the blogosphere radar, and I sincerely apologize for that. However, I believe I can brandish you with two genuine reasons on why I have shamelessly neglected my beloved "publish" button: namely, one: my camera decided to channel its inner rebellious side (à la James Dean) and refused to cooperate with me and two: midterms/internship/work/House Of Cards mysteriously united together to create one beautiful distraction. Do you see my situation? (And can we please discuss the whole Frank Underwood/Zoe Barnes ordeal... specifically, season two...?)

But let us tuck all of that into the past. I am finally on spring break and of course, I'm spending my precious R&R currency on a priceless Southern California. Fortunately, my week so far hasn't been an imitation of a certain Harmony Korine flick nor even that one time Rory and Paris spontanteously fled to Florida for a wild escapade in Gilmore Girls, Joseph Campbell and all. In fact, my spring break has consisted of me either, 1) wasting half of the day in bed, pajamas, and armed with my laptop as I dangerously feed my House Of Cards addiction, 2) feasting on calories through Korean BBQ, In N Out, nachos, or all three, and 3), occasionally being social/productive.

Par Example: Today my mom, aunt and I ventured on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica with no intent of indulging in any retail therapy. Instead, we all walked out of the LF store with a few new pieces, and to top it off: everything was still under the 60% off sale! After having devoted quite a slice of my bank account to the LF sale in SoHo just last month, I had no desire to buy anything again, but you know full well that I can never turn down a tantalizing sale. I scored a cream cropped knitted sweater and a pleather rose lasercut top, which I'll hopefully get around to styling for the blog. After, we stopped by a trendy (which, therefore, falls in the realm of "healthy and organic" in LA terms) cafe where I tried my first Pressed Juicery. I opted for what I thought was the most popular choice, which was the Roots 3 blend with beet, apple, lemon and ginger. Its sneak attack was the (not-so) gingerly spiced kick, which I found too strong for my basic taste. Defeated, I surrendered my Instagram-worthy drink to my mom and happily found solace in her iced coffee instead. Team weak. We stopped by the ultra shabby chic Brentwood Country Mart afterwards to try the highly acclaimed Sweet Rose Creamery, with ice cream equivalent to heavenly, authentic Italian gelato. Note: Go for the banana split with mint chocolate chip and kiwi sorbet. You won't regret it. The toasted almonds and  whipped cream gets me everytime. 

I'm already dreading the plane ride back home where I must, once again, drown in faux-fur, leather, and boots to combat New York's wintry tendencies. As you can imagine, I've sorely missed my natural camaraderie of sandals, shorts and sunglasses. But hey, at least there's summer to look forward to...

Also, a quick plug-in here, but I was recently fortunate enough to interview Miranda Kerr for NYLON as part of my internship. Check out my interview and get the lowdown on Miranda's favorite yoga pose, what's on her music playlist and more!